Sunday, June 14, 2009

Weekend, Weekend, Where Forth Art Thou?

I think weekends have this fast forward button built into so much so that one minute it was Friday evening and the weekend was just starting, the next thing you know, it's Sunday morning and tomorrow is the dreaded Monday! Where did my Saturday go?

I really think we should have a 5 day weekend, minimum! That way I can get the rest I need and wake up fresh for work tomorrow. Weekends are meant as a time for rest and recreation but I just realized that both wifey and my weekends are actually more tiring than the weekdays sometimes.

Weekends is when we normally do all our household chores, grocery shopping, look for computer memory upgrades and all that kind of stuff that by the time we're through it's late evening and that doesn't leave us much time to really enjoy the day. We're both beat by then already.

Sometimes I wish I was a kid again. No worries, no responsibilities, just play all day long, not forgetting to at least get on your parent's nerves at least 3 times a day, minimum! LOL! I remember my childhood well. I wish I could turn back time and be that little fellow again. But then all I ever did back then was sleep all day ... LOL!

The school session starts tomorrow after a 2 week break and for wifey she'll at least have a couple of hours solitude till the boys come home and all hell breaks loose. My younger boy is one of those animated kinda boys that I think you probably can hear the ruckus he creates from 5 blocks away ... LOL!

So if any of you guys see things my way and want a nice long 5 day weekend, I've got a proposition for you. Sign a petition to make me supreme ruler on this planet and I promise I'll give you guys a 5 day weekend. Come on you can trust me, I'm not like those sleazy politicians who promise you the world and don't deliver, well at least not yet anyway ... hahaha!

Enjoy the weekend, what's left of it anyway.


  1. A 3 day weekend is not that bad... but 5 is even better!! Where do I sign? ;)

  2. LOL nick, you wish you have a 5 days weekend. That's way too much. 3 days is enuff for me. Though, just like yesterday, I know where I spent my Saturday at, only didn't know that we were playing games till almost 1am. Seriously thought it's before midnite and it wasn't.

    Time seriously passes by faster than usual. Or so I think @_@

  3. Terra Shield - LOL! Good, my first supporter to be supreme ruler of the planet!

  4. whoot?
    tomorrow's working?

  5. Maslight - 3 days only? I'm still sticking with 5 days ... LOL!

    A long time ago, me and two buddies were playing games all night that we forget what time it was until his mom knocked on the door and brought us coffee seeing as how it was morning already ... LOL!

    Urmmm, you will sign that petition, right? Hahaha!

  6. Carol - Hahaha ...besok you sekolah, kan? There goes your two week holiday ... LOL!

  7. Tell me about it! I also want a 5 day-weekend, hahaa! And two days work. What a life would be if work less and relax more. I'll vote for you. :-)

  8. Marlene - Yeah, that would be something wouldn't it :D Woohoo, more votes for me :D


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