Saturday, August 29, 2009

Fun Times Are Here Again

The weekend is here and this weekend is even much better than the rest cos it's our National day on Monday and we get an extra day off. Woohoo, I can sleep till noon on Monday. What? You didn't think I was patriotic enough to actually get up and watch the national day parade did you? I used to but not this time, not with the way the present government is tearing this country apart. Sleeping is a much better option :D

Anyways, I'm actually up early on a Saturday, which is kinda surprising for me. Since I'm up, I thought I'd do a quick check on my blogs and emails and one thing led to another, here I am writing a post. Don't worry, I'm not going to be bitching about anything today. I'm actually quite happy right now.

After the horrible week I had, I was really waiting for the weekend to arrive. Trust me, normally the week passes by pretty quick but this time it dragged on and on and on and I was practically jumping for joy when I came home yesterday. Well, weekends always makes me feel this way. There's even a big, huge, idiotic smile on my face as I type this post :D I hope this feeling never goes away.

Another thing I'm looking forward to later today is the barbecue we're going to be attending at my best buddy's place this evening. This barbecue was supposed to be last week but my older boy was sick and so was his little girl and his wife and our other best buddy couldn't make it so we postponed it until further notice. Everyone is feeling much better and is free from any other activities so we decided to have it today seeing as how it's a nice long weekend.

Which means that wifey and me have to go shopping a little later today cos we're all supposed to bring something for the barbecue and I volunteered to bring chicken wings. I'll probably be heading to the nearby hypermarket to look for some of pre-marinated chicken wings. I wanted to marinate them myself but got too lazy and getting the pre-marinated ones is really the best option. I wonder what the others are bringing though. I hope there's a lot of food cos I feel like going on an eating binge ... hahaha! Wifey is probably going to be calling me 'bulat' (round) again ...

Other than that I'm going to do nothing but laze around the house and enjoy the long weekend. With that said and done, I wanna wish you all, especially true blue Malaysians a wonderful National day holiday :D Have fun and urrrmmm, let me know how the parade went ... LOL!


  1. Wahhhhhhhhhhhhh.. silly grin eh? hahhahaha.. hope you have a great weekend with kiddies and Mrs Spiff :D

  2. Yo Bud!! I had fun last night...can't wait to do it again!!! :):):) Like Craig said everything was good!! Cheers! :)


  3. Wake up early is good. You are so commited to blogging.
    Sound go, outing at buddy's house.
    Shopping is great but sometimes can't avoid buying some extra stuff if we like it....
    Have a great weekends and Happy Mederka holiday.

  4. Anny - Yes, yes, a really silly grim :D Thanks, I'm sure I'll have a blast ... hehehe ...

  5. Adrian - Yeah buddy, I had a blast too. I was so stuffed from all that eating that the moment I reached home, I knocked out to dreamland straight away ... LOL!

  6. Yoon See - It's not often I get up so early but there are days when I'm a little insane ... LOL!

    Happy weekend and happy holidays to you too :D

  7. I hope u had a nice time at the barbecue and enjoy another day of not working tomo MERDEKA! :)

  8. sounds like a nice weekend.Have fun! was suppose to attend a BBQ yesterday bt I got sick >< so i stayed at home the whole day...sien ar!

  9. Happy National Day! Lucky you, it falls on a Monday. The day I wish it would still be a weekend, lol!

    I almost said you had a late barbecue party cos summer is almost over, but then I remember you can have barbecue all year round there. Thinking about barbecue makes me homesick already. :-)

  10. Thanks nick!
    I guess we are in the same boat...He..He..
    City life is different than Kampung life.
    We all craving for sleep! Sleep is priceless!
    We normally sleep late and wake up late.

    Happy Merderka day to you again!!!

  11. Marzie - The barbecue was as always excellent :D Came out of GK's place looking like I was 3 months pregnant from all the eating ... hahaha!

    Happy holidays to you and B :D

  12. Samantha - Anything that doesn't concern work is always a good time for me :D Hope you're feeling better now cos it sucks being sick ...

  13. Marlene - Yeah, that's one good thing about this country, anything outdoors can be enjoyed all year round, though some snow would be good :D

  14. Yoon See - To be honest, I don't really know what kampung life is like. I was born in the city and grew up here. I plan to retire to some nice serene and quiet kampung life one day :D

  15. I've been waking up early during the school holiday. *blame the hubby* How I wish tomorrow is still holiday so that I can sleep until noon.

    Anyways, happy working tomorrow. Should be okay lah considering tomorrow's not Monday :)

  16. I'm sick...and like you, I have to go back to work tomorrow. Ugh!

  17. I have not been watching the merdeka parades since er....since.....gosh! I can't remember. Must be a long time ago! LOL!

    I love the weekend holidays but somehow time always pass faster when I'm enjoying myself! Why must it be like this? I hope the weekend can last forever! LOL!

  18. Carol - LOL! Actually I also wake up early whenever it's a holiday which is strange. On working days I can hardly wake up.

    Oh I hope so :D

  19. Perry - Oh, that sucks, the being sick part. Get well soon.

  20. Foong - I normally do watch, it's just this year, I don't feel like we've achieved anything to even be celebrating it.

    Well, if you vote for me as supreme ruler of the world, I'd make the weekends longer ... hahaha!


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