Saturday, August 22, 2009

It's That Time Of Month Again ...

Today my Muslim friends start fasting for the holy month of Ramadhan. Today also starts the day I put on a lot of weight again for the entire month. Yes, yes, it's cos of all those buka puasa (breaking fast) goodies that are sold in the evenings. Oh well, like I always tell myself every year, it's only once a year. Besides how can I resist when there is this huge Ramadhan bazaar right opposite the main road of my house!

To be honest, I didn't even realize it was the start of the fasting month until wifey said this morning that she want's to go to the Ramadhan bazaar later this evening.

'Say what? Ramadhan bazaar?'
I said.

'Yes honey, didn't you know the fasting month starts today?' she replied.

Ok, now that I didn't know but I was happy all the same. I couldn't wait to go grab some of my favourite goodies in the evening. Even the boys were pretty excited and kept reminding us constantly to get them a 'Roti John' each, which happens to be their favourite during this time. For my foreign reader, 'Roti John' literally translates to John's Bread, don't ask me who came up with that name but it's basically a mix of chicken or beef meat mixed with eggs and cooked on the bun directly or something close along those lines.

But I guess wifey and me were a little too eager to head to the bazaar that we went a little too early. Most of the stalls were in the midst of setting up and only a few were open. So we walked along the stalls that were open and found nothing interesting.

I don't know, even though we were pretty early, this year the bazaar looked a little lacklustre compared to last year. There were hardly many people there unlike last year where we had to jostle with tons of people. We then decided to head to a different bazaar a couple of blocks away. Maybe they had more stuff there. But when we got there we saw the same kind of lacklustre atmosphere there too.

This bazaar is supposed to be even bigger than the one opposite my house and yet it was pretty dreary. I guess either it was still too darn early (which I doubt) or people were either really affected by the economy or were just too afraid to be in public places cos of the H1N1. But I'm guessing we were too early. I'm going to give it a try again in a day or two and maybe this time I'll go much later.

Anyways, in the end we didn't really get much stuff. We bought the boys their 'Roti John's' and got ourselves some murtabak, kebabs, pancakes and that's really about it. It was a far cry from the stuff we used to buy last year. I kinda felt like we were missing out on something.

The only exciting thing that happened was that I almost got hit by an ice truck delivering ice to the drink stalls there. If this was Seattle instead of USJ, Subang Jaya, I could probably hire one of those Seattle personal injury attorneys and sue the pants out of that ice truck ... LOL!

And with that I end my post, see, I typed 'post' and not 'pose' Bem ... LOL ... (a little personal joke that Bem would understand) by wishing all my Muslim blog buddies namely Bem, Marzie, Emila, Soulie, Maslight, Diya, Khemy, Nurul and anyone else that I may have forgotten a happy fasting month :D


  1. Thanks Spiff! Hope you get to buy your fav food at the Bazaar Ramadhan

  2. Hey Nick!! :) I haven't been to any bazaars yesterday, only hubby went. He too complained that there wasn't anything much. He went around 6.30pm and he thought it was because he was too late. So which is it? Too late or too early?? LOL!

    Syura too went to the Taman Tun bazaar and also nothing much she says. :( I guess it is due to the economy AND the H1N1.. dunno lah...

    Whatever it is, Happy Ramadhan!! :)

  3. This is the time I try to lose weight with my Muslim friends... :)

  4. Nick, put a picture before/after of you. It'd be interesting to see how you were and how you are.
    To be sincere, losing weight is not for me.
    And a Happy Ramadhan!

  5. Soulie - Yeah, I'm hoping for that too :D

  6. Shemah - You haven't? Well, I would recommend it but this year not very happening la. Since you hubby went later and I went earlier and there wasn't anything much, then my guess is the situation must really be bad!

    Happy Ramadhan to you too.

  7. Terra - No, no, you got that wrong, this is the time I try to put on weight with my Muslim friends ... LOL!

  8. Cidao - LOL! From a hippo to an even bigger hippo, that's what I would look like!

  9. on second thought...i think u will not get cheered up by the Pasar Ramadhan. :p

  10. Subang dun have good selection ko? mebbe i go check out shah alam stadium :) roti john seems kinda niceeeeeeeeeeeeeeeee... dun forget the ayam golek at stadium shah alam.. supa delicious :)

  11. I used to go to the Ramadhan bazaar at Taman Tun Dr Ismail. I may go again this year.

    No crowds at the bazaars? I guess it must be due to the H1N1.

    Wow! Luckily you were not hit by the ice truck! Must thank your lucky stars! : )

  12. Oh my, Nick.. when I saw the title of this topic, I was like, "Wat?? Is he talking about period?" LOL!!!

    Yeshhhh.. the thing I love about Ramadhan is the food stalls! Woooo.. can grow fat lah this month it seems. :D

  13. Carol - Yeah, you're right Carol, it doesn't help my mood at all :D

  14. Anny - Not as good as last year la ... this year it's kinda lacklustre.

    But I'm too lazy to drive all the way to Shah Alam so I'm stuck with what we have here.

  15. Foong - I've never tried the Tmn. Tun bazaar, maybe I'll try this year, if I have the mood to drive there that is.

  16. Cindy - LOL! I didn't think of that.

    Don't worry, I'll join you and grow fat too ... hahaha!

  17. There are so many Ramadhan stalls here in Shah Alam if the one near your home is always almost empty.. :) But beware, yesterday we went to get some and hubby is down with Diarrhea this morning. Guess I have to take out my chef hat from today onward!

  18. Mimi - Lucky you :D But I'm just too lazy to drive all the way to Shah Alam.

    Yeah, that's one thing I'm afraid of, food poisoning. Hope your hubby gets well soon.


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