Friday, January 15, 2010

1 Missed Call

My cell phone is like a part of my body that I never leave home or anywhere without. I mean, what if I missed a call telling me that I won a million bucks or someone telling me I inherited a company that deals in natural acne treatment or maybe even that Bill Gates died and decided to randomly leave his fortune to a stranger who happens to be me ... LOL!

But there are times when I'm too busy with work or other stuff that I do leave my cell phone unattended and end up having missed calls which would offer the option to leave a voice mail. Some numbers I recognize and I would call them back without having to check my voice mail but some numbers I don't know and would have to dial my voice mail to retrieve the message.

Picture this scenario. I dial my voice mailbox. I Follow the instructions to retrieve the voice mail. Nothing but silence. Just a slight sound of breathing or sometimes ambient noise in the background. Not one word. Nada. Zilch.

What am I getting at here? Well, what really stumps me is why do people wait till they hear the customized voice mail greeting that goes something like this,

'Hi, you've reached Nick. I'm not able to answer your call, leave a name and number at the beep and I'll get back to you in a minute or two.'


And then they just keep quiet! What the hell? Why the heck wait until the voice mail greeting ends and then just keep quiet and breathe into the phone? Do they think I can recognize their breathing? Or maybe I'm psychic enough to know who they are? Or maybe they think I get turned on by their breathing?

I mean, if you're not going to leave a message, don't waste my time and money making me dial my voice mail to hear you breathe. And it's not a simplified process to dial my voice mail at that. I have to dial in, key in my password, press 1 and then followed by 7, 5, 9 and zero (not really but you get my drift) just to hear you breathe, listen to dead air or ambient sounds of people talking in the background.

If you're not going to bother leaving a voice mail, then don't wait till my customized message come on. Just hang up and call me again later. Is that so bloody hard to do? Or leave me a text message so I know who to call back. I'm not the kind of person who will dial up a number of some missed call I don't recognize and say,

'Urmmm, did anyone call me, ah?'

God, I hate people like that! I'd rather address the person who called than call back some unknown number. Please la people, if you reach my voice mail and patiently wait till the voice greeting is done, at least leave a message. If you're too shy to speak, just your name will do. I don't bite la!

Speaking of which, P1 has been trying to call both wifey and me the past two days and unfortunately we both didn't have our cell phones with us when they called. Naturally the call reverted to voice mail. Well, I'm glad to say that this P1 person did wait till my greeting was done and even left me a voice mail.

Here's what he said,

'Hi, this is P1 here'.

Then he hung up! I was inclined to call P1 and ask to speak to Mr. P1 ... LOL! Good God, I know you're from P1 but do you know how many people there are working in P1? And I'll bet you none of them is named P1 ... wait a minute ... maybe the P1 building was trying to call me ... hahaha! It takes all kinds ...

And Timothy, if you're reading this, I think you should talk to your P1 customer service (at least I think they were the customer service people) and tell them to at least introduce themselves so I know who to call back :D


  1. That's why I never dial my voice mail, hahaha!

  2. I have enough of listening to breathing, coughing, or complete silence!

  3. And not to mention waste my time and money dialing my voice mail, so sorry to those who leave me messages on my voice mail - I'll never get to listen to them! Haha!

  4. LOL to P1. Maybe you should call P1 and ask "May I speak to P1?" Hahaha!

  5. OMG, I was laffing so hard when reading this post. LOL. I know wut u mean. I mean seriously, I do not want to hear ppl breathe in my voice mail too LOL. Oh in some case, if I don't recognize the number, I won't pick it up. My friends treat me like a phone directory btw. I'm suppose to know everyone's number. LOL.

  6. Nick, I think you need to take up lessons to decipher the "breathing" voice messages ;)

    And HAPPY NEW YEAR, btw!!! :D

    Gosh I miss reading your blog!

  7. Foong - I can't afford to do that. Sometimes I don't answer clients calls and need to hear what they're screaming at me through my voice mail la ... LOL!

  8. Foong - Yeah, I wonder why they wait till the voice mail and don't bother saying anything.

  9. Foong - Remind to never ever leave you a voice mail ... hahaha!

  10. Foong - I was tempted to call P1 and ask for Mr. P1 la ... LOL!

  11. Maslight - Exactly, I also don't want to listen to people breathing. I mean why can't they just say something, even hello would suffice ... LOL!

    My friends know better than to call me from an unknown number cos I won't answer ... LOL!

  12. Perky - They have lesson for that? No wonder I'm missing out on things ... LOL!

    Happy New Year to you too :D You've been missing for quite a bit.

  13. When I was an active comper, I would fret over missed call, just in case somebody called to give me chance to win something. LOL

    Nowadays, I have plenty of missed call. I have this bad habit of not answering any calls from numbers that I don't know or if the number doesn't show (which is a lot) because most of them are tele-marketers. Ugh.

  14. Yes, I've got those kinds of voicemail, too. But, I hardly ever retrieve my voicemail nowadays. Like you said, they can always call again or send an sms.

    But, look at it this way Nick. At least you haven't got any people leaving you heavy breathing noises or some other weird things...or have you?

  15. Lol! I posted long time ago about a similar situation but I always know it's my friend who has a secret number and she never leaves a message. All I hear is her phone being hung up. It's sometimes funny but annoying.

  16. Lina - I'm like you. My policy is if your number isn't in my phone book, I won't answer. Just leave a message and I'll get back to you.

  17. Perry - Hahaha ... No heavy breathing yet la but who knows maybe one day someone will actually do that!

  18. Marlene - If I had a friend like that I'd tell him where he can shove his secret phone ... LOL!

  19. Hi this is P1. Yeah, I bet they forced the poor dud/dudette to change their names while working there... hehe.

    I've been receiving mysterious missed calls from a fax machine, btw!

  20. That's why I never bother to dial my voicemail if I don't recognise the number. If it is urgent enough, they will call back thousands of time till they get me or leave a text message.

    I really had a good laugh over this post. What a great bitching, Dude!

  21. Maybe that person's name is Pee Wan? lol! Same goes here, i never answer phone calls from unknown number. Too many spams these days.

  22. Terra - LOL! You know, maybe they do!

    Hey, I get those strange calls from fax machines all the time too!

  23. Wenny - That's the problem I have. I don't answer strange unknown calls so the best they could do would be to leave a message if not, they can call me for a billion times and I won't pick up!

  24. Soulie - Pee Wan ... hahahahahahaha ... that's a good one. You could be right, maybe it's Tan Pee Wan or something like that ... hahahahahaha!

  25. Oh God..I cannot stop laughing! Imagine calling back a "Mr. P1" :)

  26. "I mean, if you're not going to leave a message, don't waste my time and money making me dial my voice mail to hear you breathe."

    OMG! I KNOW! That frustrates me to no end! In fact, I have disabled voice mail on BOTH my home and cell phone. Seriously, it's the best thing Ive ever done. If I miss a call? I have caller ID, and if someone really needs to get in touch with me, they can always CALL BACK!

  27. Sriyany - I was tempted to call them back, you know. I really was ... LOL!

  28. Meleah - Actually I'm seriously thinking of disabling my voice mail since people just don't bother to really leave any messages except breathe heavily into it. It'll save me a bunch of money to boot!

  29. Hi there,

    Just to drop by and say hi to you :)
    how's the connection lately? hope everything is fine :)
    hahaha sorry for that prank call from us ='( but seriously i can't stop laughing it when i read thru your blogs!

    Anyway did you receive the calendar? that i've sent to you pass few weeks ago? Hope you like it.

    have a nice day :)

    best regards,

    P1 buddy
    Digital Care Team
    1300 800 888

  30. Timothy - Hey Timothy, thank you for dropping by :D I'm happy to say except for one or two occasions, the connection has been trouble free :D

    No worries about the call, I was laughing too when my wife told me about it ... LOL!

    Yup, we got the calendar, thanks so much for sending it. It is a lovely calendar :D

  31. LOL! That P1 guy/gal who called you must have gotten panic and didnt know what to say next. LOL!

  32. Carol - I think you're right cos they called a few times after that and this time I answered but they hung up ... LOL! Tak kan my voice that garang la ... hahaha ...


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