Friday, April 16, 2010

Sister Paper And Tree Planting

The day has been a busy one with me running around like some headless chicken trying to get thing organized for a client of mine. I'm practically back logged with work for one client that I have to put two others on the back burner for a bit. Which really is not a good thing but what to do, that happens when you're your own boss and you take on too much work.

I'm not going to enjoy the weekend cos I have to work tomorrow and it's like going to be a full day of running around again ... siggghhh ... there goes my weekend. The good thing is, month end will come faster and I am really looking forward to next month cos me and my two best buddies families have planned a holiday together for nice three day getaway to Malacca. I'm really looking forward to that. A chance to recharge my batteries :D

So, today I get this client, an elderly man who comes to me and says he wants to print a poster. Sure, no problems, that can be done pretty easily.

'What kind of material do your want this printed on? I ask him. 

'You got sister paper, ah?' he says. 

'Sister paper?' I utter. 

'Aiyyaaa, you don't know sister paper, ah? he retorts. 

'No, I haven't heard of sister paper' I say. 

Aiyaaa, you in the printing line and don't know what sister paper is? he remarks.

Still kinda puzzled, I take a paper sample and show him. He looks at it and immediately says, 

'Ya, ya, this one is sister paper. This is the one I want.'

'This sir, is called synthetic paper' I educate him.

He looks at me and in a slightly annoyed voice says, 

'Aiyyaaaa, you in this line you should advise me the name of the paper la ....'

I'm stunned speechless! How the heck was I supposed to know sister paper meant synthetic paper? Idiot, he doesn't know the proper name for it and I get the blame.

Now on an entirely different subject altogether. I'm going to have a tree name after my blog, well at least I think so. I was reading Nessa's post and she was mumbling something about having a tree named after her blog.

For a while the I was wondering just what the heck that girl was talking about but after reading her post, I'm all excited about it.

The Arbor Day Foundation has started a project to plant a tree for your blog. 'My blog is carbon neutral' originally started in Germany by the 'Make it Green' programme as an initiative to help reduce carbon dioxide emissions.

They'll plant a tree for your blog, yes, a real tree, not some virtual or non-existent tree but an honest to goodness real tree to neutralize your blog's carbon footprint for the next 50 year. Is that cool or what?

And it's really very simple to get your own tree. Just write a short post like what I just did about their programme 'My blog is carbon neutral', ok, maybe my post wasn't all that short ... hehehe ... and include one of the buttons available on their site. Then email the link of your post to and they will plant a nice beautiful tree for your blog in Plumas.

Don't ask me where Plumas is cos my Geography is pathetic. I'll just go Google it up later. Oh and the scheduled planting date is Monday, 19th April so you'd better hurry along if you want a tree named after your blog. I mean, isn't it cool that someday someone will look at this gorgeous hunk of a tree and say,

'hey look, there's Anything Goes!'

LOL! Ok maybe I am getting way ahead of myself here but seriously, I really think it's a great idea :D This is just my small contribution to save our earth. And please, don't any of your dare go and carve your names on my tree now you hear?


  1. LOL on sister paper.

    BTW, what's a synthetic paper?

  2. LOL tak kan la he said sister paper ROTFLMAO!! :)

  3. hahah you know lah some people, they heard the word wrongly without realizing and keep saying it without checking if it's correct or not. I know some people back home who do that.

    Anyways, a tree called Anything Goes??? Thats uber cool! I'd like to name mine too. Now, look at that 'something guru-guru something' tree! blog name kinda long kan.

  4. HAHAHAHHAHA sister paper doesn't sound synthetic at all adui~

  5. Lina - You know those buntings you see in supermarkets? The majority of them are made with synthetic paper. They're normally watwrproof and tear proof :)

  6. Terre - That's cool :) The more the merrier.

  7. Marzie - He did and scold me some more when I didn't know! The cheek of him!

  8. Carol - There are lots of people like that. Simply say whatever they heard not even wanting to find out if it correct or not.

    I've always wanted a tree names after my blog ... hehehe ... So, you going to get your tree planted too, right?

  9. Maslight - Exactly, not even close la :D

  10. Sister paper??? That's the first i've ever heard of it!

    And planting a tree for your blog..such a neat idea :)

  11. Just wondering whether they will really plant a tree named after you... but then again... like u said... anything goes...

  12. Sriyany - LOL! So did I.

    It is a cool idea. So, you gonna get your own tree too :D

  13. Meleah - Cool, glad you're joining :D

  14. Zewt - Well, if they don't then shame on them :D I think I'll go grow my own tree in my backyard ... LOL!

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