Tuesday, May 18, 2010

Color Power

Have you ever been influenced to buy something just because you like the color? Well, I have and it happened just yesterday. I'm normally not a compulsive buyer of anything. I'd think a million times and sometimes even a gazillion times before even buying anything, especially based on color.

But yesterday, wifey and me were at Jaya Jusco in Sunway Pyramid. We actually went there for an early dinner cos we wanted to have dinner at one of the restaurants there. After dinner, we went to Jusco to get some stuff and look at some toys for the son of a friends upcoming birthday.

I happen to see this really huge chilli's. Now, I'm not a chilli person but the color of this particular chili got my attention so much that I insisted on buying it even though wifey thought it was a waste of money cos she knows I don't take chilli's. She asked me what I wanted to do with it and I said I have no idea but I just love the color of the chili's.

They were in this lovely shade of green, which happens to be my favourite color and they were huge too. With her still protesting, I took the chilli and dumped it in the shopping cart and said I was going to make pickled chilli's with it. That was the only thing I could think of to tell her so she'd let me buy the chilli's ... LOL!

Well, I did make pickled chilli's which are now 'fermenting' in this spaghetti sauce bottle and my mouth is salivating just waiting to try it out. I don't know how it's going taste but all I know is it is one heck of a powerfully strong chilli.

 Isn't that just a beautiful shade of green?

Before putting them in the bottle to be pickled, I sliced them and took out the seeds and happen to just lightly touch my face ... boy, did it sting like crazy! I'm betting those chilli's are going to be arse burnin' and I'm bracing myself later when I try them out. I have tons of cold water in the fridge on standby just in case and the number of the local fire department close at hand ... LOL!

Oh and just in case you're interested, I pickled the chilli's with vinegar, salt and some sugar ... urrmmm, wifey was the one who actually helped me with the concoction la. She said if I was going to give myself a tummy upset, she might as well minimize the damage and make it for me instead ... LOL!


  1. Oh these looks fantastic. I cant wait to find out how your fermented pickled chilli's taste! I bet they are going to be HOTTTT!!!!

  2. Buying chillies because of the color!

    Well, if you don't like it afterwards, can always give away to your readers. :D

  3. I can imagine how the chillies are gonna taste. Hot would be an understatement :P

  4. You took out the seeds... Horrors! That's where the heat is. Take them out and you just have another vegetable. I think you'll find them to be a little mild. Big with chillies is not always hot. Actually, they look waaaay to big to be chillies, some form of pepper, maybe. Chillies are only an inch long. I am experimenting with the bigger cayenne peppers and they are so mild compared with their smaller cousin which tends to be burn off nasal hairs, seer the backs of your eyeballs stuff. I'd love to hear how they turn out.


  5. I heart chillies... it is a lovely colour indeed and I don't blame ya!

  6. yes, colors do that to me. although not from food lah...more on stationery stuffs. i have lotsa paper clips of different colors :)

  7. Meleah - They turned out reallllllyyyyyy great :D I'm definitely going to make more of them when this batch runs out :D

  8. Lina - Yes, it's crazy to buy anything because of the color but I couldn't resist it :D

    Wah, you all dare eat my concoction if I decided to give it to you guys, ah? Not afraid kena food poisoning ah? LOL!

  9. Sriyany - Hot is an understatement. It was blazing hot even without the seeds!

  10. Argentum Vulgaris - I know but even without the seeds it was still bloody hot! I can't tell the difference between a chilli or pepper, they all look the same to me ... LOL!

  11. Terra - You love chillies? I'm not a fan of chillies but these were so nicely colored ... hehehe ...

  12. Carol - LOL! I would think you would have loads of shoes in different shades of colors.


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