Thursday, May 20, 2010

An Impossibilty!

I actually met a very nice, helpful and polite government officer today which was really a surprise cos where in the world, especially this country can you find a nice let alone helpful and polite government officer? In fact, whoever heard of a nice, polite and helpful government officer. It's like an impossibility isn't it?

Well, today I did meet one and I'm thankful I did because he made my life easier today. I had what I needed done in a matter of 2 minutes flat! Another impossibility isn't it? Especially in a government agency ... LOL!

I took wifey to sort out her driving license today. We're planning on getting another car at the end of this year so she can use it to ferry the boys and do some shopping on her own seeing as how my schedule these days are pretty uncertain.

Though she can drive, her driving license has been expired for more than three years and she couldn't get it renewed at the post office so we went all the way to the Road Transport department to sort it out. I initially called them and apparently if you don't renew your license within 3 years, you have to appeal and all that crap.

When I called them, the girl on the line was so unhelpful that I decided to take wifey and head down to the road transport office and sort it out in person today. I was bracing myself for a nice long horrible session cos you know who these things can go.

But surprisingly, the officer was so nice, helpful and polite and took the trouble to explain to us the procedure in getting her license renewed after the three year period. All it took was 2 minutes and we were out of there so much happier knowing what we needed to know to get her licensed renewed.

Now, if only all government officers were like this guy, the world would be a much better place to live in and people wouldn't be so stressed out and need mental treatment after an encounter with any government officials! But then, when it comes to anything to do with the government, nice, helpful and polite are really not in their vocabulary :D

Well, now all wifey has to do is write an appeal letter and send it to the Road Transport department in Putrajaya and hopefully she'll get her licensed renewed soon and we can then start to search for a nice suitable car for her. We've got our minds set on a few models and are considering the pro's and con's for now. Hopefully we'll make up our mind when the time comes to get one :D

By the way, does anyone know a place where I can look for some good faucets cos my kitchen sink faucet has gone and died on me.

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