Tuesday, June 29, 2010

The Lunch Box!

Trying to find good & healthy food when you're eating out in this country is like trying to find a needle in a haystack. In fact, it would be easier to look for needles in haystacks ... really!

Some of you may know I've turned over a new leaf and started down the road towards a healthier lifestyle. It's been nearly three months since both wifey and me decided to head down the road of getting fit and healthy again and I must say we're both enjoying it so much that we're wondering why we didn't start this sooner.

My lifestyle has changes by quite a huge chunk from the old days where anything goes (forgive the pun)  to a complete 180 degrees. These days I'm much more health concious. I've stopped eating and doing a lot of the unhealthy stuff I used to do back then. I wish I had 'woken' up earlier and started this change in lifestyle but 'it's better late than never' or so the saying goes.

The results speak for themselves. I'm so much more healthier, so much more fitter than I was three months ago. The aches and pains are gone. The body feels revitalized. And I need a whole new wardrobe cos all my clothes are getting way too big for me.

But trust me, it took a heck of a lot of determination, discipline and strength to down this path, not to mention the sacrifices I had to make which were all for the best. I used to be a glutton who just loves to eat, all the unhealthy kind of food at that. I had tons and tons of snacks stashed around the house and I would be munching on them perpetually while watching TV.

I've long since given all that up and have resorted to eating very much more healthier food. And that's where my predicament really starts. I can't seem to find any places out there dishing out the kind of food I want to eat. These days whenever wifey and me go out, we always have problems trying to find somewhere where we can eat the kind of healthy food we want. We'd walk and walk and there wouldn't be a single shop serving good healthy food.

And when we do find a place that's catered to us, it would be bloody pricey. Darn, being healthy is expensive, especially when it comes to food. So we mostly buy the stuff we need and end up cooking at  home. Even when I go to work I'd have trouble finding healthy places to eat for lunch that I would resort to bringing power bars to work to keep me energized.

But yesterday, wifey suggested that maybe I need to eat more than just power bars for lunch since I run every morning and she says I'm burning up more calories than I'm putting in. She suggested that maybe I should prepare my own lunch from home, at least that way I could make sure it was healthy.

So yesterday we went to the mall and bought one of those La Gourmet thermal food containers to put my lunch in. I was a little reluctant actually cos I'm the kind of guy who will not carry wifey's handbag even let alone a lunch box! There goes my manly macho image.

And so this morning, wifey prepared me a container full of broccoli, cauliflower, black peppered sauges sprinkled with a little spaghetti sauce and I carried that little thermal food thingy to work like some nerdy little fellow ... hahaha ... and it came in a little checkered not so manly looking bag even! LOL!

I never thought I'd live to see the day I actually carried a 'lunch box' to work! I was pretty reluctant to even take it out and eat from it and after some 'persuading' from wifey over the phone (which was more like a threat of getting walloped on the head if I didn't utilize it) I actually enjoyed it. It was the first time I ever managed to eat the kind of healthy food I wanted. I enjoyed it so much that I'm already enthusiastically planning tomorrow's lunch menu ... LOL!

By the way, has any of you ever heard of an e cigarette? I know I haven't. How do you even smoke an e cigarette? Do you need to get online to smoke one? We're getting more technological these days that even cigarettes are going online ... LOL!


  1. ehehehe, yes, it's all about health these days. And I feel great too being fit and eating healthy. Well except the casual tarping (trapping) self to eating "luxury" / "pleasure" fewd on occasion. Not all healthy fewd are expensive. Just need to know where to find, er in kl iono XD

  2. Yup... eating healthy outside is difficult. I don't think there's an issue (< macho) with the lunchbox, though... most of my colleagues (males) happily whip out their lunchboxes during break time!

  3. Yes! Good for you. I started eating healthier and exercising back in February and its made all the difference in the world. I feel better, I think better, and I look better! Its worth looking like a nerd with your lunch box! :)

  4. Good for you Nick!
    Eating your own cooked food is of course better than eating out, albeit had to look nerdy bringing your lunch bix around. :)

  5. Healthy eating and living is a great start to a more fulfilling life ... you feel more energized and positive to take up activities that you may not even think you ever can.

    Good for you, Nick! Anyway, finding healthy food outside the home is a compromise. Look for simple food like economy rice (take more veggies than the meat and rice) and keep the intake moderate. With at least one home-cooked meal each day plus all the exercise, there's not much to worry about.

    Moderation is the key to staying healthy, fit and cheerful.

  6. Ahhhhhh.. baru balik si dia :) Nice lunch... You have a super wife that really loves you so.

    Sharela your food... kasi posraju the La Gourmet here if you don't like the bag.. hahhahahaha.. its Burberry prints ma.. so nice :)

  7. I think more and more people are bringing their own lunch to work. Cost cutting and healthier food is the drive towards that.

    If you want to eat healthy food in Sunway.. there's two vegetarian shops which serves very nice food.. but one of them cost a bomb :)

  8. Wow! Going healthy! Congrats! It'll be an uphill task, that's for sure.

    Finding healthy food is challenging cos they are almost non existent in hawker, mamak, and kopitiam! The only ones are in organic restaurants and they cost you a bomb! So best to cook yourself! Haha!

    e-cigarettes is cigarettes without the smoke. You can smoke at non smoking area cos it does not pose health risk to others and does not pollute the air. But as the smoker, you still get your nicotine fix. Good right?

    Btw, I'm giving you an award. Come HERE to collect it! : )

  9. i thought you work from home?

    i am wondering what kind of 180 degree turn have you and wifey did to get into healthy lifestyle. I mean, i know you do regular running but other than that? Like what kind of food you take? Do you use certain household products to keep healthy? etc etc...

  10. Maslight - Yes, i have to agree, it's great feeling nice and healthy. I just wonder why I took so long to realize it.

  11. Terra - Cool, atleast i'm not alone with a lunchbox ... LOL!

  12. Meleah - Yes, I like the feeling of being healthier. It's a great condidence booster.

  13. Lina - Well, I don't mind looking like a nerd for the sake of my well being and nothing taste better than home cooked food.

  14. Wenny - Yes, I agree, I'm doing doing things that I haven't done before. I try to avoid outside food cos I find them too oily these days. Nothing beats home cooked food.

  15. Anny - Yes, yes, I'm back from god knows where ... LOL! I'm thankful to have a wife who shares my passion :D

    Posraju? I don't think it will stay hot that long la! LOL!

    Burberry prints? Really kah?

  16. Anny - That's the thing, healthy food costs money which is why I'm happy to be bringing my own food :D

  17. Foong - Thanks :D It is an uphill task but I'm up to the challenge.

    Healthy food is practically non-existent in this country.

    Cigarette without the smoke? What will they think of next! LOL!

  18. oh got! e-ciggy! i remember taking pics of it when our coll was demo-ing it. now i think i need to korek all my folders to find that photo. LOL. but it is SERIOUSLY cool!

  19. Oh, very good wife. Never mind, Nick. let the macho image down a bit, eating healthy food is good for you! :) Nice vacuum lunch jar.

  20. Xin - I really haven't heard of this e cigarettes la. This is the first time la. The things people think of.

    Urmmm, cool about the ciggy or my lunch box ... hahaha!

  21. Rose - Yes, you can't be too macho if you want to be healthy ... LOL!

  22. Carol - Well, I used to work from home but some developments have happened in the past few months and I'll tell you all about it in my next post :D

    Actually we're not doing anything special la. We've just started working out, running and eating the proper healthy food. We don't take any supplements and stuff though.

    The food we eat also isn't anything different. We just prepare it differently. More grilled and steamed stuff rather than fried stuff. More greens rather than fat meaty stuff. Fizzy drinks are out of the question. Sugar is cut down to almost non existent ... stuff like that la :D

    It just takes a heck of a lot of will power to control our diet but the two of us support each other pretty well, which is really the key to making this work :D

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