Tuesday, July 6, 2010

Don King

I've been so busy with my work that I hardly have time for much these days. My day starts early and is filled with stuff to do the moment I wake up from sleep right up to the time I get home. I have so many things that I need to do on a personal level but finding the time to get things done like checking out those hcg diet's is getting more and more difficult these days.

I'm planning to save enough and get another car by year end so that wifey can use it and go do all the stuff I can't get done in a normal work day. But that's a long way off cos I still need to save money first ... LOL!

Sometimes I wish there really were more hours in a day. I keep pushing all my personal things more and more each day that I'm going to be hard pressed one of these days trying to sort everything out.

Even Pebbles is not spared. I've been putting off taking her for her grooming session that she's started looking like fluffy piece of rug on the floor. If she curled up into a ball (which is one of her favourite sleeping styles) I'd swear you couldn't tell the difference between her and a fluffy cushion ... LOL!

I don't even remember when the last time she was sent for grooming and wifey was already complaining that Pebbles was starting to look like Don King already!

Before ...

Well, I finally managed to squeeze some time into my schedule and take her for grooming last week and I think that dog was relieved to have all that fur cut. After the session she looked like an entirely different dog altogether. In fact she looked like a little lamb ... LOL!

After ...

She was so happy to have all that fur off her that the moment she came home she was bounding around all over the house non-stop. And that dog gets extremely naughty after her grooming sessions cos she feels so light that she's always up to mischief. I actually can't believe how small she really is without all that fur on her.

Well, at least that should keep her decent for a few weeks or so. Her fur grows back pretty fast and I'm sure she'll be looking like a miniature Don King in no time :D


  1. Pebbles look like a stuff doggie. SO cute. So like a doll!

  2. I think Pebbles look more adorable looking all scruffy in the before photo. ;)

  3. i think having a pet is expensive. how much do u have to pay for her per grooming?

  4. i do love her "before" look... she look like she just woke up or something.. such a sight! so... when are you gonna send her over ya? since you seriously don't have the time for her now..kasi posraju laaaaa.. Dom is super bored here now that PP has gone home.

  5. Awww...I like her better un-groomed! She's sooo fluffy that you can just squeeze her till juice come out! *Ahem* In theory of course.

  6. Lina - A stuffed doggie? LOL! You have a point though.

  7. Lina - Yes, she does but I think she was getting to be a little uncomfortable with herself ...

  8. Xin - Yes, it is. Her grooming alone costs RM65.00 which doesn't include all the snack and food that she just loves to consume :D

  9. Anny - That's because she really just woke up ... LOL!

    Hahaha ... posraju lagi. You la hantar Dommy here :D

  10. Sriyany - LOL! Yes, she does have that squeeze me feel.

  11. She looks so cute as Don King. It's the same with my Bowie. When we first found him, he had such a thick coat of fur and was so lethargic. After his grooming, he was bouncing around everywhere.

  12. Wenny - I think they feel much lighter after their grooming sessions. Once the fur grows again, they get so lazy ... LOL!


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