Tuesday, July 20, 2010

Oh Armband, Where forth Art Thou?

How hard is it to find an armband strap for an MP3 player out there? Well, let me tell you just how hard it is. I bought myself an MP3 player a week or so ago. It was my first ever purchase of an MP3 player and though I may love gadgets, MP3 players were never on my list of wants.

Until recently that is. Ever since I started my running again, I found that i needed something to keep me company while I run. I mean, wifey has an MP3 player which she relies on exclusively to keep her company and motivate her while she runs and since it was working for her, I thought why not get one for myself.

So I went out and got myself one, not a fancy one mind, but a cheap little Philips one, something that would do just what I wanted it to do. I'm not that fussy about the sound quality and all that cos I really couldn't tell a good sound from a great one!

And after using it for close to a week, I thought getting myself an MP3 was one of the most ingenious things I ever did in a long while ... LOL! It more than kept me company for my runs, it actually made my runs seem effortless. I was able to go further and faster in my runs.

Of course, I didn't exactly download music into my player but a host of Star Trek audio books from the entire Star Trek universe that took me days and days to download. What to do, I'm a true and true Trekkie. Now these audio stories takes quite a while to finish and I wouldn't want to stop running until I came to the end of the stories which wasn't always the case cos I would really have to stop and get ready for work but it did help quite a lot in my running.

The thing is, I've been stuffing that player in my shorts pocket and it was pretty uncomfortable having it whack against my thigh ever time I took a step and the wires also posed a little problem of flapping every which way. I thought why not go and get one of those armband strap thingies and that would solve the problem. Or so I thought.

Little did I realize that it was almost impossible finding one of those armband straps. I went to practically every mall, sports shop, computer parks, even gift shops trying to find that thing and couldn't find a single one to purchase. I even dragged wifey along with me to help me find it and we've been scouring the malls for the past week looking for it and haven't come across one at all.

We did find one or two but they were for some huge MP3 players and not at all able to fit my minuscule one, some what like the picture below.

Either I've been searching in all the wrong places or they don't have them for minuscule players like mine. I've virtually given up hope of ever finding one. I've run out of malls, at least the ones near my place that is, to search for it. If anyone knows of where I can find one, please let me know and I'll be forever grateful to you. Right now, I'm so desperate to find one that I'll buy it even if was printed with Hello Kitty motifs and came in shocking pink!


  1. Hmph! Yet another Trekkie :P

    To be honest, the last time I saw these armband thingys were years ago. Perhaps they're not so popular now. Have you tried Digital Mall?

  2. Maybe should ask wifey to sew one for u :P or just use duct tape to stick it onto your arm

  3. I got a cheap and ez solution for you... While you are out looking for the special edition Hello Kitty armband for your player.. just guno the masking tape and kasi tape the player to your arm first :D it works the same :D

    now now.. stay stay.. don't come running round the corner to ketuk me ah... *lariiiiiiiiiiiiiiiii*

  4. ahh.. you see you see.. xin also says the same thing.. just kasi tape ma... *LOL*

    *high five Xin*

  5. Sriyany - LOL! Yup, another Trekkie.

    Yes, I think they're out of fashion these days. I've tried digital malls and even kids stores la and can't find a single one.

  6. Xin - Hahaha ... wifey suggested exactly that!

  7. Anny - Hahaha ... I'm inclined to do just that soon la! I'm getting fed up of looking for it.

    Yes, I think you'd better run fast, fast ... LOL!

  8. Anny - LOL! Yeah, you all got wise answers for my predicament la ... LOL!

    Back from your holiday already, ah? No souvenirs for us ah? Hahaha!

  9. LOL xin said: Duct Tape it to your arm! ahahahahaha

  10. I know where you can get a Hello Kitty one in bright pink! I'll buy you one!
    Only joking, but would you really wear it?

  11. Meleah - Hahaha ... so you're with the duct tape idea too, huh?

  12. The World According To Me - You will? Really? Trust me, if you did buy me one, I'd be eternally grateful ... hello Kitty and all ... LOL!

  13. Hey I've got the same Philips MP3 player too. I've never thought of getting those armband since I use a wrist pouch and it's still very convenient.

  14. Wenny - You do? What a coincidence. I like it because it's small and doesn't get in the way much.

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