Tuesday, July 13, 2010

That Idiot Murphy!

If you're looking for a natural fat burner then I advise you join the advertising and print industry. Trust me, on a bad day, you'd probably be able to lose a couple of kilos just from stress alone!

Everything that could go wrong (and extremely at that) went wrong yesterday. Murphy's law really shone brightly for me yesterday. I wanted the earth to open up and swallow me whole.

I had an installation of a signage to supervise yesterday at one of my clients place, an international IT company. They wanted a signage that we did for them a while back rectified as it was showing signs of breakdown. An important overseas guest was arriving for a visit at their place the next day and they wanted the signage looking spiffy for this client.

Apparently the guest was pretty important cos everyone there was busy with preparations to welcome him. So there we were trying to fix the signage when I discovered that the printouts we made was not right. It was already 6pm by then.

So I informed the client that we may need to reprint it but may not have enough time to get it ready for his clients visit tomorrow. He was not at all pleased. He suggested maybe we could adjust the spot lights so that it wouldn't shine too much on the signage and nobody might notice the colours of the signage wasn't perfect.

As I was adjusting the spotlights, it just blew up on me with a loud pop sending the place into total darkness. Everyone came running out to the reception to see what caused the blackout and there I was on top of the reception table with a blown out spotlight unit in my hands.

Quite a few people were utterly annoyed with me cos they were working on presentations for tomorrows event and files were not saved and all that. That's when the boss came out and he was even more annoyed with the whole thing when he found out that there was a problem with the signage and the lights were out.

No big deal, right? Just switch the power back on, simple as that. But to everyone's dismay and my horror, the mains couldn't be switched back on. That's when things got really bad. The boss then looked at me, turned to his staff and said in the harshest voice he could muster,


Then he looks at me and says,


Everyone just glares at me and having about 20 pairs of eyes that were giving you this death stare was worse than having to deal with a horde of angry elephants! As if that wasn't enough, the boss calls me into the conference room and gives me a chewing out that made me wish the floor would open and swallow me alive.

The worse thing was that I had to find an electrician to get to the place cos the building maintenance people had already left for home. I had no idea where to look for an electrician at that time of day. Next I had to tell my installer that I needed him to stay back and re-do the signage for me and he was none to pleased either. That made 21 pairs of eyes giving me the stare.

I honestly felt like crying and running away and hiding in some dark empty closet. But I think there was someone up there looking out for idiots like me cos one of the staff there came to my rescue by saying that her dad was an electrician and she would call him to come over and check out the mains ... phewwwwww ... the biggest problem taken care off.

To cut a long story short, it took about 3 hours plus to get the lights back which was somewhere around 10.00pm and then another hour or so to fix the signage and by the time everything was over, I was on the verge of collapsing. I don't even remember how I drove home. I was so stressed out and may have lost a couple of pounds from all that stress.

Like I said, if you're looking to burn fat, join the advertising and print industry and you'll be a scarecrow in no time! The moral of the story is don't ever wait till the last minute to do things cos if something bad was going to happen, it will!


  1. Damn that Murphy... I had one of those days last week.

  2. I'm giving you death stare also.. hahaha

  3. oh boyyyyyyyyyyyyyy... 21 pair of eyes you say? oh boyyyyyyy.. that must be quite scary. Next time.. bring your sunnies la.. if they stare at you.. just wear them sunnies and turn two blind eyes at them.

    Murphy sure has a way of sneaking up on people :) Next time we go hunt down this murphy fella and just get Pebbles to bite the behind.

  4. Oh Man! I hate when I have a bad day - but yours was a REALLY bad day! Hope the rest of your week gets better!!

  5. Wuah, punya bidak ur client. Shite happens ler. But hey, shouldn't they be doing it earlier instead of last minute? *rofl. I'd hate to have 21 eyes glaring at me. It's like being sucked somewhere. Anyways, how many pounds did u manage to lose? XD

  6. Yalar... their fault what, wait until last minute. :D

    Anyways... at least you manage to burn extra fat while finishing the job, rite? XD

  7. LOL. the bright side of it: u burnt at least 1000Kcal that night already :P

  8. Terra - I hate days like that! They drain the life out of you.

  9. Boy - Hahaha! That make 22 pairs of eyes giving me the death stare.

  10. Annyboo - Yes, I think we should hunt down this Murphy character and beat the daylights out of him :D

  11. Meleah - I'm not holding my breath that the week ahead will be a good one cos there are signs that it won't be ... siggghhh ...

  12. Maslight - Actually it was me who delayed till the last minute so I guess I deserve some of those stares ... LOL!

    Quite a few pounds I would say :D

  13. Lina - Actually it was my fault for procrastinating la ... hehehe ...

    Yes, the good thing is I did managed to lose a couple of pounds from stress alone!

  14. oh dear, what a day.

    when i still did the weekend 4 hrs travel back to my previous school, i always hated murphy law's. just thinking its name would already means something bad's gonna happen.

    now that im comfortably transferred to my current school, i barely remember the last time i peeked at my tyres for fear of pressure leak.

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