Monday, August 9, 2010

Common Courtesy ...

You know, having a cell phone can be a curse these days. My cell keeps on ringing nonstop all day. I really wouldn't mind if it was restricted to just office hours but these days I get people, especially clients calling me till very late at night.

I don't know about you but unless you're a good friend of mine, I don't normally call people after office hours and especially to talk about work stuff. I find that after office hours is your own personal time and people should really respect that. I don't mind if it is an emergency but calling me to talk about work stuff is really not right.

And the calls are not limited to just a few hours after work, I get clients calling me as late as 11pm onwards. I don't own a land line cos I think it's a waste of money, especially with how cheap cell phone calls are these days so I depend on my cell considerably and I don't switch off my phone till I'm about to go to bed.

But just because my cell is on doesn't mean I should be getting calls about work stuff. Aiyooo, please la respect my off time. Once or twice, I can understand but these days my phone keeps on ringing nonstop that I feel like immersing it in a bucket of ice cold water. If my cell didn't cost me two thousand bucks I would really do it even!

Even wifey is getting annoyed with all the calls I get cos sometimes when we're chit chatting, we'd get interrupted a million times just from calls to my cell phone alone. If it isn't a client asking about his delivery, it's another client asking about his installation tomorrow ... siggghhh ...

Why can't people wait till the next morning when work starts to call me and ask me about work related matters? It's not like I can really do anything at that time of night even if they wanted something urgent right ... well, I suppose I could but that's beside the point. My personal time is my personal time and people should respect that.

And mind you, this is not just isolated to phone calls alone, you don't even want to know the amount of text messages I get in one day. The moment I switch on my phone in the morning, I'd get a host of text messages and they won't stop till I switch off my phone. Sometimes I feel like just putting my phone in clamps and hiding it away deep under the bed. Maybe I should just do what wifey says and don't bother answering my calls after office hours.

But then, when you work for yourself, you don't even have the luxury of doing that for fear of missing out on some billion dollar (yeah, right!) deal. But I just hope people would really have the courtesy to keep office talk for office hours. If you call me as friend after work I really don't mind but please don't call me to talk about more work


  1. Wah! You so popular ah? Getting calls round the clock!! LOL!

  2. My advice? Just set your phone to silent mode. That way, you won't be interrupted with calls. Maybe you can just check it once or twice after office hours to see if there were any important miscalls.

  3. I don't mind receiving smses unless they arre junk smses.

  4. best solution is just to have 2 phones.. one for office (switch off when its time to switch off) and a personal one for the wife to call :D

    running your own biz is different... you need the clients and you need the calls.. but calling u at 11pm about work is too much laa.. just put it on silent and leave it. If its not a matter of life and death.. it can always wait till tmrw.

    btw.. what's your number ah? we can all call you too.. :p

  5. Nick, you could turn it off?

    Yes, this is an advise from a person who doesn't turn her phone off. And on top of that, phone rarely off XD

    You could also gimme your number. I'd do some prank calls *grins

  6. LOL @ Boy. diva attitude :P

    maybe u should have a separate work line! then u can switch it off and only important ppl know where to find u

  7. LOL @ Boy and Xin..diva attitude! :P

    I agree with Anny. Have 2 phones.It makes life easier :)

  8. Boy - Hahahahahahaha ... Diva attitude ... I like that!

  9. Foong - Popular for all the wrong reasons ... LOL!

  10. Foong - But if I put it on silent mode, what if there is an emergency call?

  11. Foong - I actually don't really like to text much ... so most of the time when people text me, I call them back ... LOL!

  12. Anny - No la, one phone is already a handful let alone two!

    But yeah, I can't really afford to not answer calls but sometimes I think clients should just wait till the next day to call, not la so late at night.

    Hahaha ... mati la if I gave you all my number.

  13. Maslight - I know I could, but I don't own a land line and I keep it on for emergencies ...

    Hahaha ... pranks calls to my phone? I already get enough calls from my clients la ...

  14. Xin - Hahaha ... yes, I like his Diva attitude comment too.

    I suppose I could but to carry two cell phones would be a little daunting la.

  15. Sriyany - Smart alecks those two ... LOL!

    But HTC don't have dual sim phones and HTC's are the only brand for me ... LOL!

  16. you know, i always think people who insist on calling other people past bed time hours are just people with insomnia problem. Ha!

  17. Carol - Yes, I have to agree with you on that ... LOL! They should get a life.

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