Friday, August 13, 2010

Green, Green, Grass Of Home ...

Today is Friday the 13th and I'm actually really happy that it is. I'm not one of those morons ... urrmmm, I mean nice human beings (LOL!) who fear the number 13 and fear it even more especially when it falls on a Friday at that.

I'm actually damn happy today cos today, well more like later today I can actually stop sitting on my office floor propping my laptop up on some boxes and actually sit on a proper chair with a proper table! Our new office furniture is arriving this evening and I can't wait for it.

We've all been sitting on the floor (really!) the past week doing our work and trust me, it's not at all good for my butt cos after a few minutes of sitting on the floor, I loose all feeling there! I've been patiently, well more like impatiently waiting for the furniture to arrive and it's finally going to come today.

At least I hope it is or there will be hell to pay cos I don't intend to sit on that blasted floor another minute longer. We ordered our furniture last Friday and was told it would take a week to be sent cos they had to like build it and all that nonsense. I was not at all happy about it but my partner said to be patient. So it was a long agonizing wait for me.

I'm hoping by the end of today, I would be sitting on my spanking new lime green chair. Yes, yes, lime green is my favourite color and I'm trying to decorate my room with as much lime green or green stuff as possible. In fact I think my room is going to look totally different from the rest of the office cos I have a totally different thinking when it comes to appearances than the rest of the office.

When my partner and me first ordered the chairs and stuff, we called everyone at the office and asked them what color chairs they wanted. And to my surprise, everyone just chose a boring and I mean really boring brown colored chair ... uggghhhh ... even my partner chose the same color. Well not me. I wasn't going to stand that normal plain boring crap.

For a company that deals in designing, advertising and printing, I have to say that the entire office lacks creativity when it come to making the office look, for want of a better word, creative. The chairs for the conference rooms, the conference tables are all so boring. I thought we could have done so much better by getting stuff from IKEA but getting the furniture was my partners job and he had this impression that we needed the typical kind of office furniture.

Well, if I was going to have to settle for that, at least I could custom order my colors and make my room look like it belonged in a real advertising, design and print company. The rest of them can remain as boring as they like ... LOL! Last week, wifey and me headed to IKEA and I bought some chairs visitor chairs for my room and some cabinets that at least looks tasteful (to me at least) and a few other stuff to go along with the concept of my room.

That's why I'm really happy today cos I finally get to arrange my room and start decorating it with all the stuff I bought that has been put in the corner waiting for the main furniture to come in. I still have a few more stuff to get this weekend but the main thing is I won't be sitting on the floor any longer :D

Wifey is also getting me some potted plants this weekend for my room. I actually want some huge tree like plants in my room and make it look like a jungle but I don't think that would be a good idea cos my room isn't really that big. Besides, I don't think I have the time to water them everyday.

Ok, I have to go now and finish working on my motor home repairs while waiting for my furniture to arrive. Happy weekend folks. I know I'll have a happy one :D

P.S. I don't really have a motor home, mind you :D


  1. Show us photo of your office lah... Wanna see. :)

  2. I wanna see that lime green chair!

  3. Lina - I will once I get all the stuff in completely :)

  4. Terra - I'll take a pix of it once I get my room really settled in.

  5. urmmmm... when is the cocktail party? we'll bring the tikar and you'll supply the moozik and green chair :)

  6. is it me or are the title of your posts sounding like song titles lately? hehehehhe

  7. wahh stuff from Ikea. sure your room look very nice!

  8. Anny - Hahaha ... you still trying to get me to organize a cocktail party huh? Aiyaaa, you bring the moozik, Nessa will bring the tikar and urrmmm, I provide the green chair but only one chair, ah? LOL!

  9. Anny - Yes, it's you la ... where got my post titles sound like songs la? LOL!

  10. Soulie - Not yet nice looking ... now it looks so bare, must decorate the walls lagi, plants lagi ... siggghh ... LOL!

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