Wednesday, August 4, 2010

She Did It!

This is a long overdue post. I wanted to write this post on Sunday but was too caught up with work to even go to the toilet!

Anyways, before I start with this post, I'd like to say that I'm totally, absolutely, positively proud of wifey cos she ran her first night road race, in fact it's her first time running in any race ever, and she finished it in good time without stopping.

I know you're reading this honey and I'm really proud of you :D Keep it up but just don't go running too fast and overtaking me one of these days ... LOL! My apologies for the lack of pictures but seriously folks, I couldn't very well carry a camera and run at the same time now could I :D

The race was great fun overall. I think I did pretty well myself cos even though I took part in the non competitive 5K category, I came out in the top 15 out of 1,500 plus (or at least I think it was 1,500 plus) fun runners. I guess running everyday for the past three months must have made some difference in my fitness level cos I don't think I've ever ran that fast before, even back in the days when I was fit.

In fact I never expected to run and end up in the top 15. I was expecting to be in the middle or tail end of the pack or maybe even carried off by the ambulance crew or something. It was a really incredible result for me especially seeing as how just three months ago, I had problem just even walking up a flight of stairs without having to groan in pain or ache in some misbegotten place.

Before the race, I would have been happy just to have finished the race let alone come out in the top 15 runners. It's really such a confidence booster and also an indication that I'm actually training right all these months. All those mornings of waking up early is finally paying off.

It's been a grueling three months of training and sacrifices and there were many a times when I questioned myself about my sanity of waking up at 6am and running everyday but I guess the results speak for themselves.

But a big hand really goes out to wifey too. She's been training as hard if not harder than me and never once complained about how hard and difficult it was. She just keeps on going and going, just like the energizer bunny ... LOL! But seriously though, I'm darned proud of her. For someone who never liked running she's been putting her heart and soul into it and she's now eager to go for any race which we can find. She amazes me to the max.

Oh ya, the goodie bag wasn't all it was cutout to be. It's supposed to be worth RM300 but somehow, I can't see how all the goodies in there, the likes of power bars, shampoos, shavers, and some discount coupon could be worth RM300. But the bag itself was pretty neat :D Next year, I'm dragging wifey for the 12K competitive category, no more fun runs for us.

We're actually already in training for our next, this time competitive race, in September and I seriously can't wait for it ... oh and neither can wifey :D


  1. So cool! Congrats to both of you on your achievements.
    Wah, you run everyday? Weather so hot lah... XD

  2. Lina - Thanks :D

    I run early morning la, still no sun yet ... hehehe ... but yes, the weather is a killer these days!

  3. Aiyo, even morning also get hot so fast. XD

    I don't bother jogging outside anymore because otherwise I have to jog at 6 in the morning. Can't stand the heat. :(

  4. Lina - 6am is exactly the time I get up for my runs. I know, I'm insane ... LOL!

  5. Wah!!! So exciting! Congrats. OMFG I dun think I can get to top 15. I might be somewhere in the middle and yeah, we can't be carrying cameras, though I carry my handphone the last time I ran XD wait more like I do that everyday when I jog.

  6. Eee.... so early. No ghost ah?
    I go to gym at 6.30am oso ppl say I'm insane. XD

  7. Wow congratulations! Being in the Top 15 is a big achievement!

    And congrats to wifey too! Think the both of you will be my inspiration to start running again :)

  8. Maslight - Thanks :D I was surprised by the results myself. I find it hard to even have anything in my hands let alone a cell phone :D

  9. Lina - Ghosts? Why do you think I have wifey run along with me? She's my ghost buster ... LOL!

  10. Sriyany - Thank you :D So, when you gonna start running again? :D

  11. hey nick, havent been around here for awhile. sorry :)

    number 15??? hey thats good already la...unless of course u are aiming for first place, thats different story then.
    congrats! and to the wifey too :)

  12. uwahhhhhh wifey must be skinny edi from all da training and running! Congrats to wifey and to u too for making it to the Top 15.. I am impressed! :D

  13. Carol - Actually, I came out number 12 :D No la, I was even dreaming of 1st place let alone the top 15 but I was really pleased with myself :D

  14. Marzie -She is losing quite a bit of weight and I'm darned happy for her :D

    I'm just hoping I can keep this up :D

  15. Wahhhhhhhhh.. i am totally proud of your wife! She did it :) For someone who has never run in a race before.. this is quite an achievement.

    And running together is a very good idea :)

    Not bad laa the goodie bag.. at least ada power bars.. if you tak mao.. kasi posraju sini la.. and plonk the Pebbles in too :D

  16. next time kasi gum the camera to your shoulder la.. you can take side shots :D

    i better lari cepat rite? kakkakakaa..

    You are both quite an inspiration. I am sure you can keep it up.. cos now you both surely feel healthier and happier! respect!

  17. Anny - What? You only proud for her? What about me? LOL! But yes, I'm darned proud of her too :D

    Hahaha ... I like the bag, just perfect to put all my running stuff inside and besides, if I posraju to you the posman might curi la ... LOL!

  18. Anny - Side shot? It was a night run, I would have had to tampal the flash on my other shoulder la cos too dark ... LOL!


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