Monday, November 15, 2010

The Mechanics Curse

It's a dreary Monday but then, Monday's always are. To be honest I'm being a little unfair. For as long as I've had this blog, I've hated Monday's and have always complained about it. Back then, Monday's also almost always found ways to ruin the start of my workday. But ever since I started out on my own, Monday's have been pretty decent, though I still don't really like Monday's, I don't hate it as much. I hope you're listening Monday so be nice, ok :D

Like I said, it's been a dreary Monday, a rather slow and boring one. While I do have work and appointments to go, I'm still stuck in the office cos my car is being repaired at the mechanic across my office. Nothing serious is wrong with it. I'm just unsatisfied with the repairs he did for me previously and sent it back there for rectification. I hope he gets it right this time.

It's actually a little strange that in every place I've ever worked, there was always a mechanic either on the floor below my office or just across the road. I never realized it until today when I actually sat back and thought about my old (told you it was a slow and dreary day) working days.

In my very first job, there was a mechanic that I sent my car to just downstairs, then in my second job, there was one just next door, my third job had one across the road and the next one was situated the floor below and now this one has one just across the road. I don't know whether to call it a convenience or a curse. Maybe all these mechanics are always on hand cos someone up there decided that my car would be doomed to eternal breakdowns.

While I do have my own personal and trustworthy mechanic (in fact he's the only trustworthy mechanic in this world as far as I'm concerned) I send my car to the mechanics near my office for the sake of convenience. With my personal mechanic, I'd have to sit there and wait for him to work on my car and sometimes that would take a couple of hours.

The mechanics near my office are more convenient cos I can just send my car and then head to my office and carry on with my work instead of wasting half the day but they're really not as reliable cos half the time I have to send the car back again to rectify whatever they did to it in the first place ... siggghhh ... that's the price you pay for wanting things easy.

I think in my previous life I must have been cruel to some poor car that in this life I'm destined to perpetually be visiting mechanics all the time. The amount of money I think I have spent on repairing my current and previous cars could probably have bought me a nice house by now. I suppose I can't really complain cos I do use my car extensively in my line of work. If I calculated the entire distance I've driven since I first started driving, you could probably drive to and fro the sun at least a minimum of 5 times ... LOL! Sometimes I spend more time in my car than my office.

But at least with the car being looked into now, I get some time surf the net looking for some white chest of drawers and even a welsh dresser to accommodate my new project of redecorating my room. I'm fed up with the current stuff we have in there and it's overdue for a long change of scenery. I can't even remember the last time I bought anything new for the room. Christmas is also coming and it's just the right time for some new stuff :D


  1. Yes, my Monday is slow. Oh gosh, sometimes I wish the car doesn't have to go through that whole maintaining phase.

  2. Maslight - Me too, especially with my luck with cars.

  3. Monday was good for me, because I was on leave. :)

  4. I actually LIKE Mondays. I know, Im crazy!

    And I'd rather go to the reliable / trust worthy mechanic than the convenient one. I think its worth The Wait - this way I know I will not to get ripped off, and the job will be done right!

  5. Meleah - You do? Yup, you're crazy ... LOL!

    I would rather send it to my regular mechanic but impatience gets the better of me ...

  6. hm
    You don't believe me:)
    i like Monday! not early I'm tired at weekend more, than in time of work week
    (different home work.. family.. etc.)

  7. Family Law Toronto - You like Mondays. Good God, are sane? LOL!

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