Monday, December 27, 2010

It's The Most Wonderful Time Of The Year ...

It's a great feeling not having to go in to work on a Monday. In fact, it's an even greater feeling not having to go in to work until next year :D

Today is officially the first day of my one week break from the stress and bustle of office work. I haven't really taken this long a break in my entire working life and so it really is a great feeling. I get to laze around at home all day doing nothing ... LOL!

Christmas went pretty well for me and the family. We had the entire Christmas weekend and the two days leading to it pretty busy with activities and stuff. My Christmas celebrations really started on Thursday which was the day my best buddy had his usual annual Christmas party.

All of us had a great time there and it was fun catching up with two other good buddies. We hardly get to meet up much these days what with everyone busy with their families and work and all that. Then on Friday we attended the Christmas eve mass and I ended freezing myself silly cos we sat right under the air-conditioning unit all through the two and a half hour mass! Sure felt like winter to me ... LOL!

And after the mass we all ended up eating at A&W's, would you believe? We didn't prepare any food at home for the after Christmas eve mass and thought we'd just cruise around and find something to eat but finding food that was acceptable to all of us, especially after midnight was like looking for Santa and his Reindeers.

Of course there were a lot of local mamak's open but heck, I wanted to eat something leaning more towards the Christmas food list and there really wasn't a single thing that closely resembled Christmas food. In the end, we ended up at A&W's cos I was fed up of driving around aimlessly looking for food. Next year I'm getting wifey to bake a pie for our after Christmas eve mass supper!

Christmas night was spent having dinner outside, somewhere with really authentic Christmas food, which wifey and me enjoyed but the boys weren't all too enthusiastic about. You know la kids, all they want is fish and chips or burgers and fizzy drinks. Roast turkeys, chicken 'frikadeller' meatballs, fish mousseline dumplings, baked halibut, veal and bacon-wrapped fillet mignon weren't really up their alley. But overall it was a great dinner.

We were so stuffed from all the eating we did over the Christmas weekend that wifey and me immediately started our training runs again the very next morning. Our tummies both started to rival good old Santa's and we needed to burn out some of the stuffed we put in :D

Overall I would say it was a good Christmas and now I can just sit back and relax for the rest of my holiday. But knowing wifey and me, we'd probably go out shopping since I want to visit some sneaker stores to look out for some new running shoes, not that I don't already have two pairs but I go weak looking at new running shoes ... LOL!


  1. Good to know your Christmas went well... (and a whole week off, wow! - wish I could do that, but I wasn't allowed too, alas!)

    Enjoy your break!

  2. That's new. A Christmas meal at A&W.

    But do you know that in Japan, a christmas dinner will involve KFC. It's considered "traditional" there. LOL

  3. Im glad you had a lovely Christmas! Now enjoy your week long vacation / time off from work

  4. Terra - Well, my whole week off just got cut short today. I had to step into to the office to sort out some staffing issues ... siggghhh!

  5. Lina - Yes, it was a first for us too ... LOL!

    Seriously? A KFC dinner is tradition there ... LOL!

  6. Meleah - Thanks, I intended too but somehow it's not working out that way.


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