Thursday, February 24, 2011

If Wishes Came True

Somebody must really be listening to me up there. Yesterday I was complaining about how hot it's been and guess what? It's raining cats and dogs right now :D There's even thunder and lightning accompanying the downpour.

I've never been this happy to see rain. Everyone in the office now thinks I'm 3 screws loose cos the moment I heard the rain and thunder, I ran out (my room doesn't have a window facing out) of my room and started dancing by the main window ... hahaha!

Right now, the temperature has fallen so drastically that it's nice and cool here unlike the past couple of days where it felt like I was sitting in an oven. At least I know how a pizza feels. I hope the rain will pour all day long.

Gee, if I knew I could wish for rain, I should have wished for a million, no make that a billion dollars to fall on my lap ... urmmm maybe not my lap la cos it might just hurt, how about the floor next to me? Please, please, pretty please?


  1. I don't want a million bucks to fall on me either, but no harm them falling next to me! LOL

  2. How doesssssssss a pizza feel?


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