Tuesday, February 1, 2011

A Time To Rest

The Chinese new year (CNY) is just around the corner and I'm looking forward to it. While I don't celebrate the festival, I do enjoy the two public holidays that come with it and especially when those two holidays fall on Thursday and Friday which will make it a nice long weekend break.

My partner and me are thinking of taking an extra day and closing the office tomorrow but we'll wait until a little later to see if we get any other jobs coming in before making a decision on closing the office. If that happens, it'll be a nice long holiday for me :D

That would give me some much needed rest which I intend to utilize to the max. I've been working pretty hard the past couple of weeks and taking my almost daily running into the picture which has now taken on lots more kilometers a day, my body is practically begging for some rest.

To be honest, you can't really tell that the CNY is just around the corner. Things are pretty quiet out there unlike previous years. This year even the oranges seem to be lacking. My office has only received one box of mandarin oranges this year. I can remember a time when we would get boxes after boxes of mandarin oranges to the point of getting sick and tired of eating them!

The festive atmosphere these days is really quiet unlike a few years ago. I guess with the price of things going up and up and up and will keep on going up, people are less enthusiastic to spend much. I don't blame them. I've seen the price of things out there. It's enough to scare the pants out of you.

At least there is some good news. My company, though it's only been in operation for about 10 months has registered some decent profits so much so that we were able to give out a little bonus to everyone :D My partner and me really didn't think we would make any profits at all this year. We would have been happy just to break even so seeing us make some profits is really pretty good. At least we're heading in the right direction.

I'm hoping the town will be empty cos wifey and me intend to go mall hopping and buy more running outfits and a wireless router. We both haven't been out shopping at all the last few weeks and are now getting withdrawal symptoms from it. The coming holidays would be a great time to satisfy our lust for new running stuff ... LOL!

How are you guys going to spend the coming CNY holidays?


  1. ah yes, a nice, long, restful, weekend sounds fantastic. Hopefully you will be able to close the office for an extra day!

  2. Wah! Your staff sure happy to get the bonus, just in time for the festive season. :)

    Good to hear business is good for you, Nick!

    Did you send any oranges to your clients or not? XD

  3. Wow, I thought the quietness of the festival is only felt here. The same over there too?

    Since both my family and hubby's family are celebrating CNY, so have to tolerate lah...CNY eve dinner and 1st day of cny with hubby's family then 2nd day only we go back to my parent's house.

    Happy CNY break Nick!

  4. hello..coming by to wish you xin lian kwai lert..

  5. What? no fireworks? Our office got few boxes of oranges, though I think my colleague sort of begged for it. I have 3 open house to go to. Oh gawd, I hope I dun eat too much.

  6. Meleah - We actually did managed to close for that extra day :D

  7. Lina - Well, not a very big bonus la but at least able to give them something :D

    No la, I also contributed to the decline in mandarin oranges ... LOL!

  8. Carol - It's the same everywhere. It's mostly quiet during festival these days unlike the previous years.

    Happy CNY to you and Alvin :D

  9. Maslight - Wah, 3 open houses? Gosh, I don't have a single house to go too.


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