Friday, May 6, 2011

Flashes Of Activity

Gee, the week went by in a flash! I can't even remember what I did the entire week. I'm normally excited during the weekends but not this week. This week will be spent sitting at my desk and working on a work project that involves tons and I mean tons and tons of formatting. I'm estimating it will take all weekend to finish it.

It's not something I'm looking forward to but it has to be done by Monday so all my plans for the weekend are on hold, even my running! Arrggghhh! It's a project that I'm actually right now regretting accepting and will definitely not accept it next year if called to participate in it.

The weather has taken a drastic turn from extreme thunderstorms to extreme dessert like conditions out there. It's been so hot for the past two or three days that I already have the symptoms of a sore throat. My throat has been so dry and it hurts to swallow and I know that I'm going to fall sick! I can feel it in my bones.

And to make matters worse, this evening while doing the groceries with wifey, we had dinner at this restaurant called Serai in Empire Shopping Gallery and like some idiot I went and ordered the Beef Redang Penne which was spicier than an x-rated movie! My throat is so gonna take revenge on me tomorrow!

My 'spicy' beef rendang penne ...
We've actually had dinner at this Serai place before and the food is pretty tasty with decent portions and not too pricey. I'd recommend you try it if you were ever in Empire and wanted a decent place to eat. The ambiance is also pretty neat though the seating arrangement was a little too close for my liking.

wifey's creme brulee and my crispy fried brinjal ...
I also made one observation about parking lots in malls. Almost all malls have parking lots reserved for the handicapped. And these parking lots are normally right near the entrance to the malls but oftentimes, well most of the time to be honest, I noticed that they all taken up by people with expensive cars like mercs, beemers and the like.

Now, I could be wrong, maybe they're all handicapped in some way and have the right to park there. But many a time I've seen these people in these big luxury cars parking there and walking like any normal person into the mall. For the life of me, I simply cannot see what is so handicapped about them, maybe they're handicapped in their freaking brains to not know or bother that parking for the handicapped are meant for people with REAL disabilities!

These people just want to make things easy for themselves. I'm not saying all people with luxury cars do park in these places but so far I've noticed that almost all of these able bodied morons are normally luxury car owners. Have a heart people, like I said, those bays are reserved for people with real disabilities.

With that said and done, have a happy weekend and spare a thought for a poor guy with a sore throat having to sit in front of his laptop and slave the weekend away working on this ROP project ... LOL!


  1. I've seen police patrol cars parked at the disabled parking bay in front of Carrefour Bandar Tun Hussein Onn one time. o.O

  2. Ugh. I'm sorry you have to work all weekend. That stinks!

  3. Drink plenty of water. The weather here is crazy too. I'm also sore throating, coughing and sometimes the air gets so tight that it's a bit hard for me to breathe. Where's the air? omg. Anyways, waw, handicap people are rich these days ei? Anyways, damn that food looks delicious. *drools.

  4. Lina - Oh ya, I've seen that too ... shows you how much people respect the disabled parking spaces.

  5. Meleah - Anything to do with work always stinks ... LOL!

  6. Maslight - The weather really isn't conducive for running la. I'm drinking loads and loads of Gatorade though :D

    Judging by the types of cars that park in these bays, they sure are rich!

  7. Oooo that gets on my nerves too! It happens a lot especially in Curve where the slots reserved for women driving alone are taken up by couples or families!

  8. Sriyany - People these days are just plain selfish not to mention lacking in grey matter!


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