Tuesday, August 30, 2011

A Time To Rest ... And Maybe Run

The start of the week long holiday for the Raya and independence day holidays only started for me today. The boys at the office were given a week off but I had to go in yesterday to catch up on loads of outstanding paperwork.

I'm glad I managed to get it all done yesterday before heading home. At least I can enjoy the next couple of days off with a clear mind. I don't really have much planned for the holidays except maybe run, run and run some more ... hahaha! I've got the next three evenings booked solid for runs though the wife and me did take the boys out this morning.

We headed to KLCC as we're kinda fed up of the malls in our area and a change of malls was due. We headed there early, a little too early cos most shops, even the indoor halloween d├ęcor shop, wasn't even opened yet so we ended up having breakfast at the food court.

A little bitching here about a particular stall at the food court who swindles little kids. Wifey and me gave the boys some money and told them to go order their own breakfast while we got ours, the food they ordered came up to RM13.50 and the unscrupulous stall owners told the boys they didn't have change for 50 sen and charged them RM14.00! Look, you morons, it's not the boys fault that you don't have change and you cannot just not return the 50 sen! It's only a small sum I know but just because they're little kids, you can cheat them?

Unfortunately, I don't have proof to go give them hell when the boys told the wife about the incident cos they told the boys that they don't have receipts even. If they had told me they didn't have change and charged me an extra 50 sen just cause of that, they would have got hell from me. You run a business, you make sure you have change! Oh well, it's over and done with but stay away from this stall, a wan tan mee stall, cos as far as I'm concerned they're cheats!

Besides that nasty incident, the rest of the day at the mall was pretty fun with the wife and me going from one sports outlet to another (LOL!) till the boys got fed up of us! By the time we were going home, the mall was full and I mean full of shoppers with the majority of them being foreigners enjoying their day off that it made me feel like I was a foreigner instead of a local!

Got home, headed to bed to take a nap and then went out for my usual evening run a little earlier than the wife who started an hour later than me. Overall it was a good day and other than another run session I have planned, I have no idea what I'll be doing tomorrow :D

Here's wishing all my Muslim buddies a Selamat Hari Raya. Save some rendang for me, k? LOL!


  1. My hubby once make "trouble" at the drinks stall there just to prove a point. He ordered a soft drink and when told of how much it cost (it wasn't cheap, that's for sure!)he just said it's expensive and he didn't want the drinks anymore. Well, what can they say?

  2. Also, happy running!

    I'm planning to do another long (long by my low standard, that is) on Thursday! :)

  3. Enjoy your time off. Have fun with wifey & running!

  4. Lina - Good for him. Sometimes these shop people just tend to cheat as and when they like.

  5. Lina - And happy running to you too. Your long runs are pretty long, ok :D

  6. Meleah - Thanks :D I'm definitely intending to use it wisely ... hehehe ...

  7. @Nick,
    Pfft! Compared to you guys over at Daily Mile, I'm so way low in terms of distance and speed. You guys sure bring out the competitive nature in me!

  8. Lina - You're catching up pretty fast though.


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