Monday, September 19, 2011

A Day Off Work

The past week has been a hectic one for me. I've been so busy with personal and work stuff that I've not had enough time for myself and my running. I can't even remember when the last time I actually ran ... siggghhh ...

Anyways, managed to get all my stuff done and completed by late last night and I'm on a nice one day break from work at home. The rest is much needed to rejuvenate from the past weeks hectic schedule. It'll also give me enough time to rest and for a much needed run session this evening. The weather is pretty cool and rainy (at least it was raining a little while ago) and if it stays this way, it'll be a bliss to run.

I've got a whole set of races coming up starting from the end of this week and will see me and the wife running a string of races with a two week break in between right up till end of November. Not that I'm complaining, mind you. I enjoy these races :D

Ok,That's all from me for now. Not going to spend my time online and waste my rest day so right after looking into this rzr parts catalog, I'm off to do something productive, like take a nap ... LOL!


  1. Enjoy the day off!

    Busy at work is good - means you have a lot of business and $$$ coming in. Can buy more running stuff! LOL

    Good luck on all your races and have fun running, Nick. As always. ^^

  2. Hey bro,you rest well and get rejuvenated soon and start hit the road jack,,,,,,,,

    by the way,wonder if you are on facebook,if you are and are willing,you can add me there,search eugene ung or

    take care

  3. Hi Nick!

    Aiya, when lah I can be as enthusiastic as you on running. After the mountain climbing, I'm kind of done with running. Well, at least I haven't given up on my weekly Futsal game lah.

  4. Lina - Thanks. Can't wait to run though.

    More work but not being paid enough. I haven't bought a sports item for quite a while now. I've got my eye on a new pair or trainers and will be contacting Joshua soon about it.

    You have fun in your races too.

  5. Eugene - Thanks. I'm much well rested now :D

    Sure, no worries.

  6. Carol - LOL! These days I can't seem to want to do anything else but run!

    Futsal is also pretty good, what :D

  7. Meleah - Thanks. I'm always game for a good afternoon snooze ... LOL!


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