Sunday, September 11, 2011

My Mickey Meal

What a weekend it has been. The wife and me have loads of personal stuff to take care off and we've hardly had much time for ourselves. In fact, it's going to be a busy week ahead and it's definitely going to eat into our running schedule.

She's already missed quite a few run sessions this week cos she's totally pooped out from the daily activities for the past week. I've been struggling to get in run sessions every evening and had to resort to waking up at an ungodly hour of 4am on Saturday and Sunday just to squeeze in some long run sessions.

Right now I have to look through some web hosting companies for a client of mine and I'm totally out of it. I was up since 4am, took a 16K run around the neighbourhood and then came home, rested for half an hour and had to take the boys for Sunday school, then get in some grocery shopping after that and may even have to forsake my afternoon nap, at least until I can find what I'm looking for on web site hosting in the next hour or so.

In fact, I think I won't be able to get a nap cos I just remembered that wifey and me need to go out in a bit to get some stuff ... siggghhh ... no rest for the weary. My usual run session where I pace wifey in the evenings looks set to be canceled cos I don't think we'll be back in time for her to run. Good thing I squeezed in my run session this morning.

Our race sessions are due to start again in two weeks time with one race after another till November and I really, really, really need to clocks those miles in with more training runs. All this work we have to do is really putting a spanner in my running plans. But no matter what, I'm still going to squeeze in those run sessions even if I have to run at midnight!

On a different note entirely, while out shopping today, wifey came across this ready to eat meal and though it's a ready to eat meal for kids, I just had to get it for myself. Wifey gave me this weird look as I was convincing her that I simply must have this Mickey Mouse ready to eat Bolognese meal ... LOL! I mean, look at it, it's just too darn cute to resist. And who care if it's for kids. I feel like a kid all the time, so I guess it's just perfect for me ... hahaha!

Besides, it'll come in handy for days when I'm just too lazy to go out and get dinner or when the wife doesn't cook. Yes, she has these 'you all cook your own dinner' days ...LOL! I just hope it tastes good though.

Hmmm, I just found a web hosting site called iPage hosting, I wonder if it'll only work with Apple products?


  1. If I have those I'm lazy days, it's just the Mamak for us.

    You are way hi-tech than me! LOL

    Cute meal. Nice or not? Expensive or not too? o.O

  2. How does it taste? I imagine kids meals will be sweet-ish or someting...

  3. Lina - Not hi-tech more like lazy-tech!! LOL!

    It cost about RM6.00 and I just had it for dinner tonight. The verdict is I'm going to buy a dozen more :D

  4. Terra - It tasted pretty good la. Not sweet at all. I'm definitely going to purchase more :D

  5. no rest for the weary, indeed. I sure hope you get some R&R, and more time to run again soon.

    And I bet that Mickey Mouse ready to eat Bolognese meal will taste GREAT!

  6. AHAHHAHAHA so cute, Mickey Mouse ready to eat Bolognese, would wanna know how it taste. I also have that whole "cook urself meal time". Lucky for me, I am not as lazy. I'm more lazy to go drive out and get meal for myself, but then again, my house always got stocks for misc food. Temptation temptation, that is why I need to maintain my weight and work for my carbs.

    I do Sunday run every morning at 5:30am with friends. Every other day after work. Have to train for Nov HM fuuu~ must reduce time.

  7. Good for you,at least you are so tight up with good stuff,,, 4am for 16km that cool too........take care bro,rest well and run well too,,, god bless and have a great,productive and joyful week to you and the rest of the family

  8. When I'm lazy to cook/drive-out, it's home delivery for me - otherwise it's whatever I can find at home. Like cereal :)

    And LOL I do think the Mickey Mouse Bolognese is too cute to resist. Hmm wonder if they have Donald Duck Bolognese?

  9. Kasi posraju the spanner over.. then things will be a bit lighter for you... or or.. urm.. just throw the spanner over.. since i am quite near.
    Suda ada signboard oredi ka?

    the meal sure looks darn cute... i wanna get one or two too. Is it any good?

  10. Meleah - That Mickey Mouse meal surprisingly tasted pretty cool :D

  11. Mas - It wasn't just cute, it taste yummy too :D I'm definitely going to get more.

    In my house, very hard to stock food with one perpetually hungry boy scavenging every nook and cranny for food ... LOL!

  12. Eugene - Thanks :D Sometimes I think there isn't enough hours in the day.

  13. Sriyany - I'll let you know if I see a Donald Duck version ... LOL!

    Actually the home delivery bit sounds like a cool idea. Must remember that next time.

  14. Anny - You're more than welcome to that spanner. In fact, I'll gladly posraju that spanner to you ... hahaha!

    Then again, I just may need that spanner for the sigboard la!

    It tasted pretty good. I'd recommend it but don't la go and buy all of it, save some for me too ... LOL!


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