Tuesday, October 25, 2011

The Auditor-General

A few postings ago after that Blue Global Media thingy I told you guys about, I said that I didn't want to complain or bitch too much but heck, don't blame me for this bitch post, blame our own 'beloved' government agencies and their amusing and silly antics.

After glancing through the top affiliate networks today, I was reading the Auditor-Generals reports and was shaking my head in disbelief, well I shouldn't really cos it was to be expect with the corrupt thieves we have running all and I mean all the government agencies in this country.

First, let me start by saying that I should close down my printing company and start up a binoculars selling business cos the incredibly smart people in the marine department actually pays RM56,350 for a pair of binoculars that only cost RM1,940! Good god, imagine how rich I could be if I was in business with these morons in the marine department. Then again, maybe they aren't really morons cos I'd bet my last dollar that someone in there got a huge kickback from the sale.

Then comes revelation number two with the National Sport Council and the National Sports Institute pay RM6 million to purchase 23 horse for some show with 18 of the horse not being qualified to take part. So what happens to the money? Can they get a refund? I'll bet some idiot ... opps, let me rephrase that, some clever guy probably pocketed some good money for approving the purchase of unqualified horses.

Next on my list goes to that ministry run by that seriously suspect woman Ng Yen Yen which does direct negotiations with ad agencies bypassing the open tender process. Aiyaaa, this one so clear cut la, we all know kickbacks were given.

And trust me on this cos back when I was working in the advertising industry, the agency I worked with has attended tender briefings with the Tourism Board and some of the agencies there are on first name basis with these ministry people. The rest of us are actually just wasting our time trying to pitch cos we all know which agencies are going to get it no matter how good or how cheap our proposals are. So I'm not at all surprised by the shenanigans going on in the Malaysian Tourism Boards.

That woman Ng Yen Yen will try to tell you otherwise and that everyone else is a bunch of liars but we all know who the real liar is. I mean, they actually paid RM45 ringgit for 1000pcs of printed canvas bags when I know for a fact that even with a hefty mark up, it wouldn't cost more than RM12.00 and I know what I'm talking about cos my company can print canvas bags too!

What's saddening is the fact that this goes on every year and someone should be severely punished for this but the culprits all get away and are laughing all the away to their secret bank account somewhere ... siggghhh ... These people should all be hauled up and made to justify their corruption at our expense yet, in about a few weeks time, this will all be forgotten cos the idiots in the government will just quietly push this in some far corner.

It's blatant corruption in the open and yet we can't do anything cos the present government are the very people who are doing this. Please, let's vote them out once and for all. I mean, do you really want to let these people keep screwing us every single day? Do you really want to keep on letting them think we're a bunch of stupid people for condoning this? Let's stand up and make our votes count in the next GE.

I'm going to vote for the opposition, they're no saints either but how bad can they be? They're definitely a much better choice than the present crop of nincompoops. Besides, like I keep saying in my posts, it's only five years, if the oppositions screws up, vote them out in the next GE. We have the power to do this so let's not waste it.

Ok, now back to something more interesting and not so depressing like this article on Payday affiliate program that has caught my eye.


  1. Don't know why bother with the AG report. Seems like nothing much done after the findings of wastage by those government officials. Every year we still hear the same misconduct over and over. :(

  2. Agreed... I actually find the current S'gor govt to be the best ever... they solved the flooding problem in my place almost immediately! So my vote certainly goes to PR

  3. Lina - Which is why we really must vote for a change of government this time round.

  4. Shemah - So we all vote wisely this time round to make sure some changes will finally happen here, ya.

  5. Terra - I totally agree and I'm glad to be living in Selangor.

  6. I'm loving your binocular store idea.

    And we have blatant corruption UP THE ASS here in the USA. It's so sad, really.

  7. Ha bro,I bitched about the same stuff too,, and you know what,,,,,,CHANGE IS GOOD

  8. Meleah - I suppose this happens in every nation, ya?

  9. Eugene - I totally agree and have been telling everyone I know to vote for a change :D


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