Tuesday, October 4, 2011

The Hot Head

Wifey came up to me yesterday and said,

'You have to learn to control your stress and temper or one day you're going to collapse from a stroke or something' 

The thing is, she's absolutely right. Then again, she always is :D Of late, I get irritable easily and have this really, really short fuse. I was never like this. God knows, if you ask the wife a few years ago, she would say that I was the most patient guy she knew.

These days the slightest things gets my blood boiling. I get totally irritated at the slightest incompetence I see out there, whether it directly involves me or not. Let's not even talk about the times I loose my temper at work. I know this loss of control is bad for me. It just raises my stress level up 200 fold.

It's become so bad that even reading about some of the nonsense people write in their FB accounts, twitter, blogs and whatnots can set me off! Yes, that's how bad it is. Thank god, wifey is there to talk some sense into me and calm me down when I get into that stressed out mode.

So today, I decided to take a deep long breath and take things easy without letting anything set me off or raise my stress level and so far, though it's damn hard to do with the incompetence I'm faced with, I have not lost my temper or become stressed out at all, not even once!

Normally by now, if I was a character in the Sims, my stress level bar would be in the extreme red zone and on the verge of pulling whatever little hair I have out ... hahaha! I'm just hoping the second half of the day will stay that way.

I really don't know what set off this 'short fuse' attitude of mine. I used to be the kind of guy who doesn't give two hoots about anything. Nothing bugs me. But not these days. I'm great at telling the wife when she's in a foul mood to 'cool it, take it easy, chill (she utterly HATES that word ... hahaha!), things will be fine, etc, etc ...' but I don't take my own advise. I guess things need to change or something is going to break and that would be me.

I don't want to end up in hospital (touch wood) or anything. Maybe I should pack my running gear in the car and when I feel stressed or about to blow my top, I should just put on my shoes and run cos right now, that's one of the best stress busters out there. Nothing like a good, hard, fast run to bust the stress!

With that said and done, I need to make one final rants (please bear with me ... LOL!) before I embark on being a more 'cooler headed' Nick.

This rant goes out to all you 'Facebookers' who have been complaining on the Nike Running Malaysia - we Run KL 10K posting. The response for this event has been totally so overwhelming that the registration quota of 10,000 people was snapped up in 5 days. There's a lot of people out there who are cursing Nike for this. They're bitching about how sad they are that they can't run, how disappointed they are to miss out, how stupid Nike's organization is, Nike sucks, Nike has bad management, etc, etc, etc ...

Heck, I'm not a huge Nike fan (give me Brooks anytime!) but come on, for them to be able to achieve their target in 5 days is NOT being a stupid organization or even having bad management. In fact, I thought it was excellent management to be able to get all the slots signed up in 5 days.

Besides, it's really on a first come, first serve basis. Obviously others were faster than you and this is not the end of the world. There are a host of other races you can take part, the Terry Fox run, the Desa Park City 10K which I'm giving my bib number away for free (if anyone wants it) cos it clashes with the Nike run. So, to all you moaners out there. Stop bitching and criticizing Nike and move on with life!

There, I've finished my rant for the day ... hahaha!


  1. So confirm be a cool headed Nick after this rant? ;p

    About Nike Run. I don't think it's stupid. Heck, for me who isn't yet into running much races, I knew about the Run earlier on. Maybe those people waited and procrastinate to register and then, when they can't, angry lah.

    It's amazing how all the slots are quickly filled up. Sure a lot of keen runners in Malaysia!

    You not joining Nick?

  2. Probably you are easily sparked lately because you do not have enough sleep and too much responsibilties at work. Maybe?

  3. Agree with Anny - probably lack of sleep or sugar :)

    Take it easy - go see some green once in a while and maybe then incompetence won't bug you as much?

    About your rant, there are lots of haters out there - you won't believe how many greedy people in my company wanna join/win every bloody thing! So when they don't get their way - they bitch as always.

    In fact, kudos to Nike to actually snap up 10k runners - that itself is a huge number to manage on its own, I think.

  4. Hey Nick,, give me a high five,i can identify with you,thank god for wife like yours and mine.

    And thank god again,we are runner and we can run our stress away,hey Nick,try not to impose our expectation on others,(this is one reason that really gets to me) this is so very hard to do but i am trying.

    Keep running,stress is no good,sometimes it is nice to listen to our lovely wives,they speak more sense a lot of times

  5. Are you getting enough sleep? I tend to become incredibly irritable when I don't get enough rest. Maybe you need a vacation!

  6. Lina - Trying my very best :D

    The amount of people into running are increasing daily which is a really good sign :D

    I've signed up for it and have to now let go of my Desa Park City run which I've also signed up ... looking to give my bib away for free. You know any takers :D

  7. Anny - Not probably, more like definitely!

  8. Sriyany - Sleep is something I'm definitely lacking in.

    Yeah, there are a lot of whiners out there that it irks me sometimes but I suppose that's the kind of generation we're living in these days.

  9. Eugene - Yup, running can be a great stress buster but sometimes I just wish I didn't get stressed out so easily though.

  10. Meleah - A vacation is definitely what I need! I'd probably sleep the entire vacation away :D

  11. Hey Nick!

    I too, absolutely DETEST the word chill.. and the hubs, even knowing so, still looooves to use the word on me when I lose my cool. I am waiting for the day until HE loses his cool, so I can say it to him. LOL!

    Perhaps it's lack of rest and lack of sugar like Anny said. I don't know if it's the same with you men as it is with us women, but the other day I felt so bad, and angry and moody but one piece of Cadbury gold just fixed it. Strange, but true. Give it a try.. who knows. Indulge in your fave food and run it off later.

    It was amazing how fast Nike registration closed, but I think they did a great job. Besides, they opened registration just as the Adidas run ended.. people were still on a running high so perhaps that's another reason. Also I heard last year's event was a smashing success so it's no wonder that people would like to go again.

  12. You can't please all of the people all of the time!
    Stress, I never used to let it effect me either but boyfriend is telling me to calm down recently. I too am trying to be a stress less happy person. Let's see if we can do it!

  13. Shemah - Hahaha ... I'm beginning to think all women detest that word!

    I just might try that chocolate remedy and see if it works. For me, I suppose, a good snooze always works ... hahaha!

    Yes, I thought it was amazing too, It just goes to show how popular that event is. Last year was cool though I wasn't too pleased with the finisher momento, which was a toy figurine though. Hope they have something better this year. You'll be running the event too right? Good luck and have fun :D

  14. The World According To Me - Agreed. People will always have something to bitch about all the time.

    I'm really trying hard to be a more calmer person these days.


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