Saturday, December 31, 2011

A Look Back ...

There's only 9 hours or so left of the year 2011 and all I can say about the year is that it sure zoomed by real fast. It felt like it was only yesterday that I was ushering in the year and here I am once again ushering in an even newer year in a few hours time.

If you ask me to recall some of the things I did this year, I'd be hard pressed trying to recall them. The year in general has been, I won't say great, but a decent one. Career wise, though it could be better but I've few complains. Whatever shortcomings can always be worked out.

It's been two years or so that I've been in this business partnership and while it has it ups and downs, we're at least looking and heading in the right direction for next year with clearer objectives and (hopefully) a better and more successful business plan. But overall, though the risks are there, it's so much more satisfying and rewarding running your own business. So here's to a better business year next year for me :D

On the personal front, things are going pretty well. I'm happy with life and I've learned to control my silly temper so much better thanks to the patient understanding of the wife who had to suffer through many of my oftentimes irrational tantrums. As cheesy as this may sound, I have to be the luckiest bloke on this side of the universe to have her :D

Health wise, I can only say that I'm in much better health than I've ever been in ages, thanks to my reignited passion for running. I can't recall a time, even in my childhood that I felt as good about my health and myself as I do now. The fact that the wife shares this passion for running is an added bonus. I'm looking forward to bringing this good health into the new year and be even more fitter than I am today.

Friendship wise, that has been a bit (well, maybe a lot) lacking on my part. I've only two best buddies in this world and I'm guilty of not keeping in touch as often as I'd like to with them. It's always been, I'll call them or meet up with them next week and before I know it, it's already year end and I still haven't found the time to meet up. That's on my list of resolutions, to make the time to meet up more, after all, they're the only two friends I'm utterly comfortable to be with.

What are my wishes and resolutions for 2012? Gee, I seriously don't know. I don't really believe in making any cos then I'd be hard pressed to keep them ... LOL! But I wish the best for everyone on this planet and for the people of this country. One thing I desperately wish though if for a change in government. It's time for this country to crawl out of the doldrums and the only way to do that is with the present bunch of self serving idiots to vacate the government. I'm hoping that wish of mine comes true during the coming general election. I cannot stress this enough, vote wisely people :D

With that said and done, what's your plan for today, the eve of New Year? Me, I'm going to call it an early night, then wake up at 3.30am tomorrow morning and get ready for a 25k race at 5.30am. I can't think of a more exciting (or insane, depends on how you look at it) way to usher in the New Year :D

Happy 2012, folks!


  1. Seems like you had a pretty ok 2011 as well. Happy 2012, and let's hope that it'll be even better.

  2. Have fun being up early on New Year's Day when other revelers are just going to sleep after celebrating it on New year's eve. LOL

    All the best for Newton!

  3. Terra - It could have been better but no complains :D A great 2012 to you too.

  4. Lina, LOL! I don't look forward to waking up that early but for a race, no choice la.


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