Saturday, April 28, 2012

Bersih 428

I've been complaining about the government and what crooks they are but haven't really done anything about it. Talk is cheap they say so today I decided to join the thousands of my fellow Malaysians and march up (or tried to anyway) to Dataran Merdeka (Independence Square for the benefits of two of my overseas readers) for the Bersih 3.0 rally!

It was an experience to treasure, mingling around with thousands of people from this country irrespective of race, religious beliefs and the like. For that 6 hours or so that I was there, we were all just Malaysians and none of that PM's 1Malaysia nonsense either, it was just plain, true and pure Malaysians who wanted a change in this country.

It was a decision that wasn't hard to make. The wife wanted to go but we didn't want to take the chance of anything happening to both of us and the children would be all alone at home so I went on behalf of both of us. We don't trust the the Police and DBKL (the town council) as they're all just stooges for the government. They wouldn't let this rally go by peacefully so it was better for one of us to stay home, besides she was with me in my heart all through the rally.

I woke up early and headed into town to park as close as I possibly could seeing as how the freaking cops had already started blocking all the access roads to Dataran Merdeka as early as the night before. I had planned to park in Bangsar and walk all the way to one of the planned rally meeting points about 3-4 kilometers away (one way). Now here is where my running training came in real handy. The 3-4 kilometer walk felt like a really slow LSD session ... LOL!

Anyways, true enough, on the way there I encountered the cops making a human chain across the roads and trying to deter us from reaching the main rally point. Not to be deterred, we just found another way there and sneaked our way around the boys in blue. I was a little emotional seeing so many people of different ages and races all being one and helping each other to find the best and safest way towards the rally point that I think there really is hope for this country after all, if only we could unseat the dictatorial regime, note I use the words 'regime' here cos that's what they are!

Anyways, I finally make my way through the blazing late morning sun towards Dataran Merdeka only to come face to face with barricades and razor wires strung across the roads leading to the rally location taking away my democratic rights of going where I want to. There was already close to a thousand, by my estimate, people there facing off the cops by just sitting peacefully and chanting inspirational messages so I decided to stay there with them and wait till 2.00pm which was when the actual 'duduk bantah' (sitting protest) would begin for two hours.

I had a field day snapping pictures of the event as proof of how many people attended the rally. Unfortunately I wish I had some duracell procell aaa handy cos my cell was running low on battery from all those pictures and videos I was snapping.

The FRU cordoning off the road towards Dataran ...
The people were all passionate about why they were there. The national anthem was sung on many occasions and I can't remember it being more meaningful than all those times I had to sing it every Monday morning during assembly back in my school days! I can't even remember a time I sang the national anthem with such pride!

The sun was blazing and by then the crowd started to swell. I can't really say how many there were at this location (there were a few other rally points) but I'd estimate close to a few thousand fellow Malaysians. Since we couldn't go pass the barricades and were also told not to by the event chairperson and marshals, we all sat there to protest for a clean and fair elections which was the agenda of this rally anyway.

Welcome to Tel Aviv ala Malaysia ...
Fortunately nothing untoward happened, though I was bracing for the worse and managed to head home peacefully. Unfortunately, by the time I got home, the wife told me that the cops fired tear gas and water canons at people who were leaving the rally without being provoked by anyone, at least that's what I read on Facebook and Twitter anyway. I don't really know what actually happened at that locations but a lot or reports came in saying they were shot at for no reason. It's as if the government weren't happy that we Malaysians acted civil during the sit in protest and wanted to teach us a lesson as we were leaving.

All that is unconfirmed anyway as it didn't happen where I was but knowing the way the government think, I wouldn't put it pass them to do something like that. I read a lot of people were hurt and arrested and I truly and sincerely hope that they're okay. I suppose I'll know more as the reports flow in on Facebook and Twitter. I'm not going to bother with the government controlled main stream media who are probably going to twist the facts anyway.

Was it worth it? To walk to and fro, close to 12 kilometers? To be baked in the sun for close to 6 hours? To shout myself hoarse demanding for my rights? You bet your bottom dollar it was. I'm fed up of being taken for a fool by the idiots in Putrajaya. I'm fed up of them stealing from us, living it up while I have to work like a slave for every single cent I earn just to put food on the table. I'm fed up with them telling me to live moderately while they live in million dollar bungalows and drive around in expensive sports cars.

It's time we all stand up and demand for what is ours. Besides I NEVER voted this incompetent prime minister and his deputy into power and I'm sure neither did a lot of you. I demand for somebody better to bring this country out of the rut it is in and that can only start with a fair and clean elections. Something the dictatorial regime knows they will lose hands down if they don't cheat, which is why they're so against this rally for a fair and clean elections.

Let's get real, if they lost, they'd lose their only source of stealing money from us and they'd probably end up in prison once the opposition takes over and uncovers all their illegal dealings while they were in power. So yes, I would say it was worth every bit of my time and effort to be alongside my fellow Malaysians today and I would do it all over again if need to!


  1. Oh wow. Good on you for taking your stand Nick. I get intimidated by big crowds, sadly.

    I read the Malaysian Insider and there was one man there who told his story of being a victim of tear gas at the Masjid Jamek train station with a whhole bunch of other people (while waiting for their trains!)

    1. It was something that I felt was the right thing to do. No longer am I going to stand behind and just keep on complaining. It's time we turn this country back to the right track.

  2. Big respect goes out to you and standing up for your rights and beliefs.
    I also understand, but at the same time feel alarmed, regarding your decision that your wife did not attend, in case worst case should occur. Thank goodness you came back unharmed.
    I hope everyone you mentioned were okay too.
    I sincerely hope, sooner rather than later, things get back on track.

    1. Well, all of us in Malaysia are hoping for a change and I'm going to do my part and fight for a better future as long as I'm able too. The government is corrupt and I want the world to know that.


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