Friday, July 13, 2012

Friday The Thirteenth

I don't know if anyone notice but today is Friday the 13th! And no, Freddie Kruger didn't turn up but the day I went through was enough to make bad old Freddie look like a sissy little boy. I don't know, I think I'm cursed.

Every time I have a race weekend schedule, I end up having to do hard, labour intensive installation work on the eve of my runs! I like to keep the eve of my runs easy. I try to stay off my feet as much as I can so I'll have fresh legs for the race the next day but somehow, work always seems to give me grief on the eve of race days.

Take today for instance. I work on my feet from early morning till late evening getting a fleet of 8 Toyota Alphards ready for an event tomorrow. We had to wrap the vehicle with the clients branding and it was back breaking work. I didn't get the chance to sit from the time I was there till the time I left for another project (yes, the job wasn't finished yet).

My feet are killing me right now and I'm hoping that it'll get better by tomorrow and that no one will disturb me with some last minute rush work for tomorrow cos I've been looking forward to my race tomorrow night, which is the Men's Health Shape Night run which I will be running for the third consecutive year.

I love night runs cos I do all my training late evening and my body and legs are much more acclimatised for night runs. Morning runs take me ages to get warmed up and up to speed. I'm definitely going to call it an early night tonight.

I'll be at the race bright and early looking for some nice picnic tables to wait for race start. I hope the weather is kind and am praying for some rain in the morning or at least early afternoon to cool the night down.

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