Friday, December 14, 2012

Deck The Halls ...

It's only about eleven days to Christmas and I haven't even prepared or bought a single item for it yet. It's not that I'm so darned busy or anything. It's just that I'm so darned lazy ... LOL!

I really must find some time to get the spirit of Christmas up in my house. It's blasphemous I know but even the tree isn't up yet! I just might go outside and throw up some light around the fur tree in the garden and use that as a Christmas tree judging by the way things are going.

Whenever I find the time to do something, it's either I spend it running or am just too tired after a run to do anything about it. Yes, my whole life is revolved around running these days. But seriously though, I must start getting into a Christmas mood soon or it'll be passing me by in a flash.

I could start by switching on some Christmas carols in the office right after this post and then look for some Guitar Strings at guitar center and get my guitar strung and join in the carols, that is if I actually had guitar and knew how to play one! LOL!

How's your Christmas preps coming along? Way better than mine, I hope :D

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  1. Ha ha stop the laziness and go get ur Christmas shopping done! I'm sure u will be celebrating with ur buddy, send my love to him and here's wishing u and your family a wonderful Christmas and happy hols! :)


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