Sunday, February 10, 2013

Peace & Quiet

The Chinese new year is here and for me that spells a nice long holiday. We've decided to shut down for business the entire of next week and will only resume work on the 18th of February. It's been a while since I've last had a nice long break from work.

I've got lots of ready work lined up for me after the long break but I'm not going to even think about it for now. I'm just going to blank my mind about work and enjoy the next 7 days of doing nothing. Well, not really nothing cos I plan to add loads of running in the rest equation.

I'm still on a running comeback after three weeks of down time due to a torn meniscus. Keeping the running to an easy pace for now and will only resume full force after my second race of the year in two weeks time, the Brooks Half marathon. That's like a test for me to really see if my knee is completely healed.

One thing I like about the CNY holidays is the fact that the roads are devoid of traffic. If only everyday was like today,  life would be really awesome :D Well, I'm just going to enjoy the empty roads as much as possible and also the peace and quiet that comes along with it.

It's been a lazy Sunday so far and I'm inclined to go take a nap soon but only after I look for some cd duplicating services that would still be open during the holidays.


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