Monday, June 24, 2013

That Time Of Year Again ...

The yearly haze problems are back again. Every year, it's the same. We have to pay and suffer the brunt of someone else's selfish issues. And yet again, I question just what the ruling regime has been doing about it? The answer is squat! Are so deaf and blind that they can't see how bad things are?

In fact, this year is even worse. My eyes are stinging like crazy every time I step outside. The air smells of burning whatever. What's worse is you're not even safe indoors! The smell and smog slips through every crack and makes staying indoors equally as bad as staying outdoors.

The face masks help but heck, we can't be wearing masks all day, even indoors. There will come a time, if nothing is done, that we all will need to carry around our own oxygen tanks and then we will all be doomed! Siggghhhh ...

Oh, the darn next door office is blasting some loud guitar music that isn't helping mood at all. I would go out and get some affordable earbuds at guitar center but with the haze outside I just have to suffer the noise for now.

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