Monday, August 20, 2007

Another Award :)

August must be the month of meme's cos there seems to be a host of meme's spreading around the blogsphere. Not that I'm complaining cos I just received another award from Jean of A Great Pleasure. This time the award is called the Nice Matters Award for being a kind blogger (I wonder where she got the idea I was a kind blogger ... LOL!) but thanks anyway Jean. I'm honoured as always to receive awards. At least now that gives me more reasons to go renovate my awards room ... :D

So, without further ado, I'd like to nominate the following five bloggers (I would have given this to everyone I know, but the awards people in Bloggersville didn't let me ... shame on them!) who has always given me a kind word or two. And the Nice Matters Award goes to ...

Nessa - Barrett - Mariuca - Adrian - Janice

Congratulations, kind bloggers! For those who received this award already from another kind soul, then you deserve another one :)

ps. click here to get a better image of the award to proudly display in your blog


  1. Nick : Whenever pple wrote 'Janice' I got to confirm again whether is it me cos there are a couple of Janices here... LOL :)

    Yeah.. & its me... thanks Nick for the award to me after the Inspirational Award you have given me.

    You are so kind & congrates to my fellow recipients from Nick :)

  2. ANOTHER award for ME??? Yeeha!!! Although...this makes it my number 4 for this particular one! I'm so gonna put one up on my perfume blog, thanks Nick for remembering me, you're the best! :):):)

  3. Oooops... and congrats to you Nick! You are a nice person you know that? So keep on being nice okay? ;)

    And congrats to all your recipients as well!

  4. Janice, hmm good point, next time I have award or tag for you, I'll put your full name. And you're welcome on the award.

    Marzie, that award cabinet is getting a wee bit crowded now isn't it? I can recommend a good contractor to widen it for you ... LOL!

  5. He he, I've been rearranging my awards on my blog cabinet, need to make some space for more yeeha! But your cabinet too must be running out of space no? ;)

  6. Yeah, I'm actually thinking of building an awards room for all my awards, maybe even a two story one for future awards ... LOL!

  7. Hi nick, you have great articles here. Glad you are friends with marzie and all. They are great people..

    Keep up the great work here...

    Have a nice day nick =)


  8. haha! of coz you are a kind blogger. otherwise i wouldn't have love you this much! :))

    congratulations to your 5 recipients! :)

  9. nafa, hey welcome to my blog. thanx for the comments. Hope to see you around more ... nice day to you too :)

  10. Hi nick, thought of exchanging link with you, if you're fine with with it..leave me a msg ya...thank you. =D

  11. This is one I'll never get. LOL! My blog is NOT nice!


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