Friday, August 17, 2007

Sleepy Head.

I am so sleepy. I'm sitting here in my office with absolutely nothing to do right now and I am having extreme difficulties just trying to keep my eyes open. All my work for the week has been completed and I just had a heavy lunch, well, not really heavy but my stomach has gotten used to smaller portions of food that even eating a wee bit extra makes me feel bloated! And now I feel like taking 40 winks right here in the office.

I'm a sleepy head by nature. Besides reading and running, sleeping is way up there on my list of favourite things to do. I can sleep anywhere and anytime, all I need is a comfy place to lay my head down and that's it, I'm out for the count :)

Ever since my primary school days (we had two sessions of school at that time). For six months we'd be in the afternoon session and the remainder of the six months we'd be in the morning session. This was from standards 1-6. During the morning sessions, I had to get up pretty early to get ready for school and wait for the school bus to arrive.

I had to wake up around 5.45am and get ready by 6.15am cos my house was the first destination of the stupid school bus (of all the houses in the neighbourhood, he had to pick the most laziest person's house to stop at first!). I'd hurriedly get dressed, and then rush out to the porch and try to catch a couple more minutes of sleep until the bus arrives. Sometimes I'd fall into a sound sleep that the bus driver would have to come out of the bus to wake me up ... LOL!

Then after school in the afternoon (of cos my house would be the last destination of the school bus), the first thing I'd do when I reached home, was chuck off my school bags and uniform, take a bath and immediately go and get a nap. I'd forsake my lunch, homework and everything for sleep. I'd even skip the after school extra-curriculum activities until they started insisting that students had to take up at least one extra-curriculum activity. God, how I hated those activities!

I'd sleep until about 4-5pm (I get home around 2pm) and then I'd get up, watch TV and wait for dinner anxiously looking forward to bedtime (I had to be the only boy who didn't have to be told to go to bed ... hehehe). Of course when it came to the afternoon sessions I'd have trouble staying awake in class cos I'd miss my afternoon naps.

Even to this present day, I still love sleeping. If given the choice I'd sleep the whole day long. Before getting married, especially on weekends, I'd sleep right up till lunch time. There's been occasions that I've slept through lunch until late evening ... hehehe ... (boy did my body ache after waking up). Once I sleep I usually have a difficult time waking up. I'd hang on to every minute of sleep that I can. Even in the mornings when the wife wakes me up for work, I'd always say, '5 more minutes honey' which will turn into another 20 minutes or so before I finally and unwillingly wake up. To get extra sleep time, I'd even shave at night so I can sleep that extra 10 minutes it would take me to shave in the mornings, can you believe that? I just love to sleep. I have no problems with staying up late it's just the waking up bit that's the problem ... LOL!

Gone are the days when I can sleep in late on weekends. With the kids now, sleeping past 7.30am on a weekend would be considered a miracle. I don't know why, but my 8 year old boy just loves waking up early on weekends and then comes into our room and starts creating a ruckus (that boy just loves to talk & talk & talk by the way) that will wake both the wife and myself up. His favourite question every weekend morning is, 'mummy, where's my breakfast?' and he won't let up until breakfast is finally made. And the strange thing is, on school days (he's in the afternoon session) he sleeps until 8 - 8.30am! And don't even think about an afternoon nap, with him at home, the house is never peaceful ... LOL! Oh, I just have to add this in, he got an 'A' for science in his exams recently and I'm pretty proud of him. Now I've got to buy him a toy cos I promised him a toy for every 'A' that he got. And he's the kind of boy who will hold you to your word!

Well, at least writing this post has kept me awake for a bit, but I know the moment I post this I'm gonna be dozing off again, maybe I will try and catch 40 winks seeing as how I know for a fact my boss won't be coming in again ... hehehe ... then again maybe not. Who knows, she just might decide to turn up! Well, the good things is, it's about an hour before I pack up and head for home, the bad thing is I got some do-it-yourself projects to work on at home this weekend so any chance to get any naps are a lost cause. Gosh I just love to sleep. I guess that's why NAP are the initials to my full name :)


  1. Hello sleepyhead! You remind me of a friend, she can't go without her afternoon nap or else her whole system shuts down! I'm so grateful for my feedom that allows me to sleep in later than most ppl (until there's a baby in the house I guess!).
    Nite nite Nick, sweet dreams! :):):)

  2. I love to sleep too Nick though I don't think I could drop off as easily as you. How funny and ironic that your initials are NAP. It must've been preordained at birth that you would be a sleepyhead. Nick....wake up...hey I'm talking to you....wake up...

  3. I didn't know that you are such a sleepy head. Despite that, I think you are a very productive person who gets a lot of things done for the day. ok, find some rest and i'll be coming back to see what you have next, love being here...

  4. Oh, man, I am so jealous. I sleep at most 4 or 5 hours a day, and that includes the occassional power nap here and there.

    It's not that I need any more than what I get. It's just that sometimes an extra hour or so would be real nice.

    And a congrats to your kid! An 'A' is nothing to sneeze at.

  5. Congrats to your son for the A on the science exams! I was TERRIBLE at science! I was like you! My house for SOME reason was the second or third stop! I had to get on the bus WAY early and I definitly was awakened by the bus driver having slept all the way to school on more than one occasion! Take care, I hope you get a nap in! Have a great weekend, maybe your son will give you an extra hour this Saturday and Sunday! Take care firend! Great post!

  6. I love sleep just as much as you. In fact reading this reminded me how sleepy I am at my desk and how mad I am that I did not take a NAP for my lunch hour!

    I cant wait to go home tonight just to sleep!

    But,I am lucky. My 11 year old son, loves sleep as much as WE do, so he does / will sleep in on a SATURDAYS. At least I can still sleep till noon 4 times a month!

  7. hey sleepyhead! u reminded me of my darling. Every weekday morning, when i wake him up, he'll ask for another 5 mins. then after 5 mins, i wake him up again, and he'll ask for another 5 mins again. At the end, it's almost 30 mins later. That's why now, i will try to wake him earlier, but he only wakes up when I am all dressed up for work, because then he knows that it is time for work and I am not waking him early. Gosh, he's a clever sleepyhead!

    While I was reading your post moment ago, it makes me feel like sleeping too... oh no, dont spread your bacteria to me!! LOL!

  8. Hehehe - I can sleep anywhere too - all I need is to sit still for more than a few minutes and zzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzz


    With the initial NAP, who can blame you??

  9. Nick, I brought you some nice coffee so that you can wake up to do some work from me... haha...

  10. I'd even shave at night so I can sleep that extra 10 minutes it would take me to shave in the mornings

    That's damn extreme!

  11. Wake up, sleepy head!

    Ya know what would make you stay awake in the office?

    When the computer shuts down itself again. :P

  12. Marzie, oh the joys of working from home. I'd never get any work done if I worked from home. I'd be asleep most of the time ... LOL!

    Gypsy, yeah, I guess with initial like NAP, I have to fulfill some destiny thats been preordained since before my birth ... LOL!

    Lordmanilastone, I am a sleepyhead, I have to be productive, not by choice but by necessity.

  13. Seiche, In my younger days I could survive on 3-4 hours of sleep, not anymore. And yeah, an extra hour ot two or maybe even three would be great :)

    Barrett, I was terrible at science too, that's why I'm proud of him. Oh, I definitely can relate to that, I've slept in the bus on the way to school on more occasions than I care to remember :) Great Monday to you Buddy.

    Meleah, Lucky you, wish my son loved sleeping in, that would make my Saturday mornings just peachy. I did managed to get a nap on Saturday afternoon though ... LOL!

  14. Jean, I guess all men are lazy bums in the morning ... LOL! I have to force myself out of bed everyday and it's a real chore! In fact, I sleepy already now, that's what Monday mornings does to me!

    Lavender, cool, we're in the same boat. I've always had no problems sleeping anywhere I could lay my head on ... the waking up is the killer!

    Janice, thanx for the coffee and the work you've given me, will work on it the moment I wake up ... LOL!

  15. Lis, I told you I was sleepy head. I'll do anything that could get me a few more minutes of sleep ... LOL!

    Cindy,that wouldn't make me stay awake, that would make me run the hell away from work ... LOL!

  16. Dude! When we were "lepak"ing you never used to want to sleep! In fact we'd spend the time doing nonsense like our Radio Show...remember...while our other good buddy snoozed...LOL

    Lepak is more important right LOL

  17. Yeah, I remember our 'radio show'. It was a blast doing it la :) Those days I was much younger buddy and I didn't need that much sleep unlike now ... LOL!

  18. Ha ha ha u guys had a radio show? Err actually hubbs did too with his buddies, but refused to tell me more abt it, embarrassed it seems! :):):)

  19. Marzie! I can understand hubbs reluctance to share his show with you...If you heard the profanities that was on our show you would understand! It was called radio FM...and don't ask what FM stood for because it certainly wasn't frequency modulation LOL We had guests and commercials too...and it was all done in one night and for one performance! Hmmm....I wonder where the recording is? LOL

  20. Marzie, embarrassed? must have contain loads of profanity ... LOL!

    Adrian, Profanities? What profanities you talking bout Bud? It was a family rated show ... LOL! Urmm, well, maybe some extreme parental guidance would be necessary. And I still have the cassette, Buddy and it still works even. And it wasn't easy getting all the 'guests' down for the show ... LOL!

  21. You guys should listen to your recording again and I bet you'll have a good laugh reminiscing abt the younger days! Hubbs had guests too, now I'm wondering just who are those guests hmmmm... ;)

    Adrian, tell la what FM stood for?!!

  22. Marzie, a good laugh it definitely was, we stayed up all nite until the wee hours of morning recording it ... And you really don't wanna know what FM stands for ... trust me on that one!

  23. You guys are making me more curious la and please don't say curiosity kills the cat! Come on, u can tell me... he he he...

  24. Hahaha ... we'll wait until my buddy gets back, then let him decide to tell you what FM means ... He was the producer, I was just the lowly budak suruhan!


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