Thursday, August 16, 2007

The Magnificent 7 P's ...

When I'm free, I'm really free :) I just completed one tag just a little while ago and here I am again posting another tag. At least with this tag done, I think I have no more tags to do :)

Besides, I need to get all this tags down so I can start working on my next posting about more supernatural stuff, yes, yes, I have more (Cindy and Wolfgang would probably love this and Marzie probably won't be visiting my blog for awhile ... LOL!)

Anyway, I was tagged by Diamond Sapphire for this meme called the 2 P's which was created by WVb A blog about everything and more to learn more about the blogs they read on a regular basis.

So here are my 7 P's.............

Passion: My family and running (am I allowed 2?)

Purpose: Not sure yet

Pursuit: Happiness

Position: To be supreme ruler of the world :) but seriously it really doesn't matter to me!

Pummeling: My ever decreasing waistline :)

Progress: Achieving things that I never thought I could do, like eat less rice ... LOL!

Personality: Fun-loving, friendly and extremely shy! (a little psychotic as well!)

And now, here's my lucky pick (some may call it unlucky) people to answer this 7 P's meme :

Nessa - Wolfgang - Sharon - Jean - Shana - Barrett


  1. Hah! Another tag... #%$@**!! I'm so gonna get ya:p

  2. extremely shy? u must be joking! LOL!

    well, thanks for the tag! i still owe you two tags plus this one it's three. I'm working my ass on it! SO hang on, ya! :)

  3. This one's going to require some thought... I shall attempt it as soon as I'm capable. Thanks for the tag and the add to your links!

  4. Supreme ruler of the world! You are too funny! I am in, I am going to be posting meme's today! Let me know how that Supremem Ruler of the World thing is working out for ya! LOL! I can't wait for another supernatural post! Loved the last one! Looks like a lot of other people enjoyed it too! Take care friend!

  5. I can't picture you as shy...!

  6. No purpose in life yet Nick? Don't worry, I'm also rocking on the same boat.

    At least for now, I've got this fun meme to do! Yey!

  7. Shy? You sure don't sound like one here! More like a magnet to the ladies. Your other half is gonna be disappointed you ain't got purpose in life...

  8. Nick, I cant believe that you are shy too... Your wasitline is decreasing...I should be happy if I am you :) :)

  9. Aw Great list nick! I think youre allowed two passions, no worries mate!
    Looking forward to youre supernatural content when you get there - should be really interesting!
    Have a great day!

  10. Nessa, don't la like that ... hehehe ... this should be an easy tag for you to do :) I'm looking forward to seeing your list of 7 P's :)

  11. Jean, I am shy, really I am ... LOL! Take your time on the tags, no worries ...

    Wolfgang, looking forward to seeing your replies to this tag. Take your time though, no rush ... and you're welcome on the link adds :)

  12. Barrett, I'm working on that supreme ruler thingy, now if only I can get the world to bow down to my demands ... LOL! Glad you enjoyed the supernatural posting. Deifnitely gonna have a new one soon (Sorry Marzie ... LOL!)

    Meleah, But I am a shy person in real life ... LOL! Still on your blog vacation?

    Sharon, cool, at least I'm not the only person with no purpose in life ... hahaha ... enjoy doing the meme.

  13. Sweetiepie, I am shy in real life. In a blog I don't have to face that person face to face, so that's why I'm kinda psychotic sometimes ... LOL!

    My other half already knows my ambitions in life (I hope ... hehehe) so I think she won't be too disappointed :)

  14. Janice, nobody believes I'm shy la ... LOL! And I am happy to have a decreasing waistline. I'm still trying to decrease it even further ...

    Lavender, will give you a heads up once I post that supernatural thngy, that's for sure ... Great weekend to you.

  15. Extremely shy huh? Guess that explains the reluctance to reveal the FACE! Still kidding, don get angry! LOL :):):)

  16. LOL! ok, shy guy! i've done this tag! come & see. :)

  17. Great answers Nick!! Love your answer to postition!!

  18. Marzie, betul, I'm shy. Still working on the face thingy, patience, patience ... LOL!

    Jean, thanx for doing the tag so fast, will check out your 7P's soon.

    Diamond, who doesn't want to be supreme ruler of the world? LOL! You made it through you vacation, huh?

  19. Hey Nick,im sorry ,i just noticed that u tagged me!!


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