Wednesday, September 5, 2007

My Christmas Tag!

My best buddy, Adrian tagged me with this Christmas meme. And since I'm such a great big fan of Christmas (I have to thank my buddy for that) I'll post this tag immediately :) Besides my buddy is always complaining to me that I don't do his tags ... sorry buddy, you know how lazy I can be at times. I still have a few more tags owing to some nice bloggers out there so I'll just post it together with this Christmas meme. So here goes:

What is your favourite Christmas gift?
This remote control race cars that comes with its own circular racetrack and all.

What is your best memory of Christmas?
Spending a first ever Christmas with my beloved wife :)

Depending on where you live, do you have a hot or cold Christmas?
Bloody hot, unless it rains of course :)

Would you prefer to try the opposite weather at least just once?
I would count that as the best Christmas present ever :D

What do you prefer in a tree? Fake or real?
I'd love a real tree and I'm reminded of this one Christmas eons ago, when my cousins and me actually went and stole, urrmm, I mean chop down this real nice tree by the roadside as our Christmas tree ... LOL!

What is your favourite Carol?
God rest ye merry gentlemen.

What is your favorite Christmas dinner?
Back when I was growing up, my grandfather would bake this great chicken pie that the whole family would dig into right after we came back from Christmas mass. Unfortunately he's no longer around to do it and the rest of the clan just can't get anywhere close to his excellent chicken pie recipe!

Do you wear a Santa hat at Christmas?
Yes, I do. And I was even Santa once :D (thanks for that opportunity buddy!)

Have you ever seen me delivering your gifts?
I hope to catch you in the act this year Santa. And this time I'm gonna keep Rudolf for myself ... LOL!

Wow, that was easy enough to do and I even enjoyed doing it :) I know I'm supposed to tag 5 people but I know for a fact most other bloggers are already tagged with this and some are not too keen on tags so I'll just tag these 3 nice bloggers and find out what their experiences of Christmas are :)

Nessa - Diamond Sapphire - Cindy


The Birthday Meme

This one was given to me both by Marzie and Barrett but as I always do, I sat on it for quite a while. Sorry guys. And since I was doing the Christmas tag, I thought I'd get right on to doing this now or it's never going to be done till next Christmas ... LOL!

1. Go to Wikipedia and type in the month and day of your birth.
2. Write three events, two births, one holiday and then tag 5 more buddies with it.
3.There are 5 slots in this Birthday Meme. As you are tagged, remove the name in the first slot and move everyone one place up, adding your name to the bottom.

I'm a Pisces, born on 15 March

3 Events

44BC - Julius Caesar, Dictator of the Roman Republic is stabbed to death.
1493 - Christopher Columbus returns to Spain after his first trip to the Americas.
1892 - Liverpool Football Club founded by John Houlding. (I'm an Arsenal fan, putting this just to piss off my buddy ... LOL)

2 Births

1713 - Nicolas Louis de Lacaille, French astronomer.
1897 - Jackson Scholz, American runner.

1 Holiday

National holiday of Hungary celebrating the 1848 Revolution.

And the list: Teacher Julie Mommyness is Happiness This is a miracle Maurica Anything Goes!

That was easy enough. Thanx Barrett and Marzie for that exceptionally easy meme and for taking into consideration my zero rocket science knowledge of doing tough meme's ... LOL. And now, I'm off to tag these bloggers to continue with this birthday meme:

Nessa - Hui Sen - Bobo - Cbenc12 - Sharon


  1. What a fun meme..Thanks for thinking of me!

  2. Oh how cool! Liverpool Football CLub was founded on ur bday! So now I know when's ur bday and it's so easy to remmeber cause my mom's bday is a day before yours! Happy Belated Belated Bday Nick!

  3. Diamond, you're welcome. It really is a fun Christmas meme. Enjoyed doing it. Looking forward to reading your answers.

  4. Marzie, yeah, I put that up on purpose just to irritate that boy! LOL! Thanx for the belated belated bday wish!

  5. I was raised in the Midwest - land of deep snow and frosty cold for Christmas - now I live where it is always warm and sunny - and it will never feel like Christmas out in our shirtsleeves! I hope you someday have the opportunity to experience a true white one!

  6. Hey there buddy! Merry Christmas Tag To Ya! You should come to Missouri for Christmas, bring the whole clan! We usually have lots of the white stuff on Christmas! Maybe you guys can rent out the Anderson House in Lexington, Missouri! That would be an unforgettable christmas I promise you that! Thanks for participating in the birthday meme! I like it when they are easy! This one is kinda fun too! So Julius Ceaser was knifed down on your birthday! Wow, that's rough! LOL! Take care friend!

  7. Josie, I'm sure it's never really Christmas until one truly experiences snow. Unfortunately we have just one season all year long which is hot, hot and did I mention hot? LOL!

  8. Barrett my friend, I'll be waiting patiently till I receive those plane tickets from you for the whole clan ... LOL! I've watched shows on TV about white Christmas' and I've always wanted to experience it at least once in my lifetime which I intend to do one :) Now that would really complete my Christmas experience!

    Yeah, I love the real easy ones ... hehehe and it sure sucks to poor old Julius on my birthday ... LOL!

  9. Buddy! I'm impressed you got the meme up in record time! Thanks!

    So what's this about you being born on the same date that LFC fan club was formed....since it was formed before you were born I think you should be the one that's pissed off not me LOL what with being an Arsenal fan and all LOL


  10. Wow, is it Christmas already????

    I took some time off in the last week just to absorb some of the last Vancouver sun rays, but I will be doing a-la-Nick-Phillips style and schedule a Meme-a-thon soon.


  11. Fa la la la la.... thanks for a good meme.

  12. Adrian, you'd better be impressed. You know how lazy I am right? LOL!

    Hmmm, mayge you do have a point about that LFC thingy ... damn, why the heck wasn't I born when Kelab Bolak Sepak Kuala Pilah was formed ... LOL!

  13. Sharon, I wish everyday was Christmas! Holiday huh? Lucky you ...

    Looking forward to seeing that meme-a-thon ... LOL!

  14. Nice new header! Love it:D

  15. Hi Nick, thanks for tagging me!!! But I've done the tag before and could be found at :

    Have a wonderful weekend ya!

  16. cbenc12, hey no problem if you've already done the link. I'll check your site out ...

  17. Birthday Meme and Christmas Tag! This should be fun to do:)


  18. Nessa, yeah, it really is an easy and interesting one to do, that's why I posted mine sooooooooo fast ... LOL!

  19. Ack! Christmas! Its coming you know, it'll be here so soon! Eeep! Better start shopping now - ARGH!
    :) But I do like the season too! Wishing you and yours many wonderful Christmases!

  20. Lavender, everytime Christmas approaches, I tend to hum 'It's the most wonderful time of the year,
    With the kids jingle-belling
    And everyone telling you
    Be of good cheer, It's the most wonderful time of the year' in my head over and over again ... LOL!

  21. Just dropping by. I enjoyed reading your answer to the different memes.

    have a great weekend!


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