Tuesday, November 25, 2008

Time Stood Still ...

My final days in this office is getting to be a total bore. My last day here would be on the 3rd of December which is next week and the days seem to move so slowly that a snail could glide along faster. I really don't know what to do with my free time right now.

I suppose I could blog but hey, one can only sit in front of the computer for so long you know ... hehehe ... Nothing really much has happened since my last post. Well, not that I'm aware of anyway. Last I checked my idiotic neighbours still live next door to me, the sky is still blue and the ruling coalition is still in power ... sigghhh ... See, I told you I'm totally bored out of my wits that I'm resorting to nonsense!

So, at times like these when you have absolutely nothing to do, then it's time to do a tag or a meme and fortunately for me, I don't have to go digging looking for one cos Rozella just recently and I mean very recently tagged me with this ... urrmmm ... once again a tag with no name. What is wrong with you people ... LOL!

Never mind, I'll just make my own name for this tag and whomever I tag had better keep on using this new name or I'll sent forth the wrath of a thousand angry fleas to infest your armpits. You wouldn't want a fate like that befalling you now, would you? LOL!

So, as of now this meme is called the Double Decker meme. Ok, ok, I know it's not the best of names but hey, at least I have a name for it!

Two names you go by:
1. Nick
2. Genius? LOL!

Two things you are wearing right now:
1. Cheapo blue collared T-shirt
2. Black East India slacks.

Two things you want very badly at the moment:
1. A Subaru Impreza WRC
2. A few BILLION dollars wouldn't hurt ...

Two things you did last night just before bed:
1. Read
2. Urmmm, pee?

Two things you ate today:
1. Tom yam instant noodles (which was horrible to say the least)
2. Some Mr. Potato chips stolen from wifey ... hehehe ...

Two people you just spoke with:
1. Wifey
2. My boss

Two things you are doing tomorrow:
1. Does it look like I can see the future?
2. Refer to answer above

Two longest car rides:
1. The drive up to Bukit Kayu Hitam
2. The drive down to Johor Baru

Two favourite beverages:
1. Coffee
2. Water

2 + 1 persons who are chosen to do this meme:
Kadus Mama, Cidao and who else but Marzie ... LOL!

Gee, that didn't take too long. I've still got a whole 3 hours left to kill. Oh man, time sure moves so slow when you're bored. Maybe I should just go home or curl up and sleep under my table ...


  1. Phew! I was holding my breath when i saw the meme..thank goodness im not in the list :P

    Me masih hutang you meme kan? "ops" :P

  2. hahahahha omg so funny..anyways, well at least the sky is still blue XD

  3. Whoa! That was mighty fast! I am beyond speechless! Hehehe Thanks anyway.

    Btw, don't have so muram-muram. You should be celebrating!

  4. Oops! Don't be so muram. Hehehe

    Btw again, not my fault lah no name! :P Don't blame me!

  5. Eh you start running already or not? Take advantage of the blue sky lah! ;P

  6. Emelda - I was thinking of tagging you but I know you got tagged quite a bit so I spare you for now ... LOL!

  7. Maslight - Yeah, thank god the sky is still blue ... hehehe ...

  8. Rozella - That's what happens when you have too much time on your hands ... LOL!

  9. Rozella - Not muram just bored like crazy these past few days here in the office.

    Well, I have to blame somebody ... LOL!

  10. Rozella - I've been running for close to two now la ... hehehe ... but the rain does play havoc with the schedule at times ...

  11. Why doesn't your boss just let you go early if you're not doing much anyway? It seems cruel to make you stay :)

  12. yeah, once you have handed in the letter and done the handover, there's nothing much to do in the office ya. I agree with Romany Angel, why doesn't you boss let you go off earlier?

  13. Thanks, Nick... but my problem will be: How am I going to translate Double Decker... mainly Decker!!!! :o)

  14. I know that double decker is a two level bus, for example, but how to apply to this meme is difficult... :o)

  15. hahaha!! thanx for tagging me..i know i still owe you the 4' things tag.. :p will get around to that sometimes ya..
    But..but nick..i think not u only want the billions $$ lah..i also want..hehheee

  16. Hey what's wrong with Tom yam instant noodles? They do sound delicious. I used to like Maggie Asam Laksa. Ohhh haven't had it for ages now. Awww... now I'm homesick.

  17. hey you! Greetings from Mexico.

    Sorry you are bored at work, but the meme was FUN!

    I could use a few billion dollars too!

  18. I love Subaru Impreza!!! those are two things I want very badly at the moment too :-D

  19. I wish time would fly so fast to Christmas vacation, hahaa! I need it right now!:-)

    I badly need a few million or billion dollars, lol!

  20. Romany Angel - She's the kind who would squeeze every ounce out of someone till the very last second. But it's okay, I'm patiently waiting for the day I'm finally out of here :D

  21. Sting - Yup, the next couple of days are sure going to be really boring. But like I told Romany Angel, my boss is not the kind to let one off early ...

  22. Your neighbor is still there, time to call the dog catchers! :-)

  23. Cidao - Sorry about that pal. Just for that, I'll spare you the fleas ... hehehe ...

  24. Cidao - I can't help you there but let's just say that I'm looking forward to reading your meme :D

  25. Kadus Mama - No worries, take your time, comes in handy for interim posts la these tags ... hehehe ...

    What? You also want that billion dollars? LOL!

  26. The Real Mother Hen - Well, the one I ate (Mamme brand) was horrible. I know for a fact the Maggi ones are so much tastier. And Asam Laksa is one of my favs too just that these days I don't eat instant noodles too much.

  27. Meleah - Wooo Mexico. You must be having fun there :D Well, enjoy your vacation ... ariba, ariba ... LOL!

  28. Monica - That's superb car isn't it? And that billion dollars is mine, all mine ... LOL!

  29. Marlene - That would be a good idea. Imagine time flying right up to Christmas and then it pauses for a year or two and everyday would be Christmas ... hehehe ...

    And don't we all need a few billion dollars or two, ya? LOL!

  30. Gallivanter - Hey, that's not a bad idea you know ... LOL!

  31. Nick, remember my last week with old company, really nothing much to do and you are getting more transparent! hahaha! It is like that!

    Would you be crying on the last day?? ;p

  32. Rose - Yeah but it can be pretty boring though. Can't wait for my last day over here ...

    Crying? For leaving this company? I'd be laughing with joy :D

  33. WOW Nick!!! Actually, someone tagged me with this one many moons ago and yesterday i was searching for it cause I felt like doing this one ha ha!! Lucky I waited, now I can do yours and hers together he he! :):):)

  34. LOL! Wah now naik from millionaire to billionaire eh? SO now my pressie from u is 1 billion instead of 1 million bucks correct? Yeeha!! :)

  35. Hola Nick! I’ve done this tag here, thanks for tagging me!

  36. Marzie - See, good things come to those who wait ... hahaha ...

  37. Marzie - Well, I wouldn't say no if you want to give me 1 billion la ... hehehe ...

    Have to la, the price of things all going up, 1 million not enough la ... LOL!

  38. Marzie - Wah, so fast? Man, you put me to shame with the speed of doing your tags. I'll come by in a bit :D Thanks for being a sport.


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