Thursday, March 18, 2010

Backup! Backup! Backup!

Backup! Backup! Backup! I probably need to print those words in big huge bold letters and paste it on my forehead. Yes, this is a rant post but a short one cos I'm pretty busy and need to do some urgent postcard printing to rant for too long.

I recently bought an Android powered HTC phone. I've been eyeing this phone for quite a while now because of it's Android powered software. While I would love to get the iPhone,  unfortunately my service provider didn't carry the iPhone model in its stable.

The good news is they're finally bringing in the iPhone but unfortunately for them, I'm totally in love with Google Android now and besides, the HTC is such a cute small phone with exceptional features. So no iPhone for me just yet.

Now, I've had my HTC for about a week or so and I must say that I'm thoroughly enjoying it. The feature I like most is its connectivity to the internet which more or less keeps me connected all the time. Then there is the GPS feature so I don't get lost which to be honest is one of the worst features of the phone.

Besides I'm not into this GPS thingy too much cos I know my way around pretty well. My good buddy calls me the walking map and uses me as his personal GPS ... LOL! Anyways, I transfered all my contacts from my previous phone into this one and somehow, somewhere, sometime, the bloody phone decided to synch with my Gmail and conveniently decided to delete duplicated entries, which was fine with me.

But unfortunately it deleted entries with phone numbers on it, some important ones too, and only kept the darn emails. So, I've practically lost almost 50% of my contacts phone numbers and had to resort to writing to each and everyone of them requesting their contact details again!

Damn you phone! I just got you and you're giving me grief already. If you didn't cost a bomb and a half, I would flush you down the toilet bowl! But then again, I suppose I should have backed up all my stuff first before messing around with it and there probably is an auto synch check box that is probably activated which I don't know.

It was a painstaking process of getting all the contacts back and I've managed to get back at least 75% of it which is pretty good. Other than that, the phone is one cool machine :D And I love it when people start looking at my phone in awe the moment I whip it out and start sliding my fingers around the screen and scrolling stuff on it ... so canggih (literally translated as high-tech) ... hahaha!

Ok, ok, enough of me showing off. I have t get back to work now. You all have a nice Thursday and remember to backup, backup and backup  :D


  1. SHOW OFF! hmph!

    #_# I want to get meself a HTC too *cries.

  2. This has been a pretty nasty week for you... right. Hope things look up soon.

    Anyway.. I don't quite like the idea of applications accessing your e-mail database for info. I once heard from a friend who was a student, that facebook went and invited all his professors to be friends with him on facebook. How embarrassing!


    enjoy the envies :P

  4. You must've been too excited over your new toy that why.

  5. Maslight - LOL! Me a show off?

    Go and get yourself one la, then you can show off back to me ... hehehe ...

  6. Terra - It has and it has made my life shorter by a whole year!

    That's one thing I'm afraid of, my information going to god knows who and where...

  7. Xin - Hahaha ... aiyaaa, once in a while only. Soon some new phone will come out and make my obsolete ...

  8. Lina - LOL! No la, I'm just happy I got my phone after all those years of using a dinosaur one.


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