Friday, March 19, 2010

In Loving Memory ...

It's been a long while since I'm been happy that it's Friday. Working from home has one disadvantage which is you don't really have weekends. But after all that's happened over the past week, I'm just glad that it's a Friday and I'm just going to sit at home tomorrow and not do anything especially work wise. I really need to clear my mind mentally and come back fresher next week.

Besides, I'll probably take wifey and the boys somewhere, though I don't have an inkling where just yet. They been stuck at home for the past week of the school holidays and are getting cranky staying home all day. I'm sure there's lots of places to go but for the life of me, I have no idea where. You guys got any suggestions? And keep it cheap, ok ... LOL!

It's going to be a week since some thieving scum stole my car and there has been no word from the police or even if they are doing anything about it. I don't expect them to really find my car and apprehend the scums but letting me know just what the heck is going on would be nice. They do have my contact number and email after all and it wouldn't really take much to just type a couple of lines updating me on the status of their investigation.

I suppose I could drive all the way over there to find out but it would probably be a pointless endeavor cos they'd probably tell me it's still under investigation. Tesco has CCTV's so I wonder if they actually went over and viewed it. I'm sure they would have seen the scums driving my car away from there. Oh well, like I said before, I'll never see that car again ... siggghhh ...

It is a little heart breaking to lose that car cos I've had that car for ages. Though it does tend to give me grieve once in a while, it was a reliable and decent car, not to mention how economical it was on fuel consumption. I think every single part in that car has been changed or replaced at some time or other and just a few days before it was stolen, wifey and me were thinking of giving the car a major makeover.

We both weren't really in the market to buy a brand new car cos my car was fully paid up and I didn't want to be owing a bank half my income for a new car for the next 6 years or so which is why we decided to just fix the car up and give it a new paint job but that isn't going to happen now.

I can still remember the first day I took that car home from the dealers. Prior to that I drove a four speed car so I was accustomed to only having four gear speeds. I was a real doofus back then and didn't really know much about cars. My cousin helped me with the details of choosing that car for me and I didn't realize it was a 5 speed and drove it all the way home using only four gears. Then when I reached home, I was talking about how cool this new 4 speed car was and my cousin looked at me incredulously and said,

'What do you mean four speed? It's a five speed car la. Don't tell me you didn't even engage fifth gear?'

What? There was fifth gear? Gee, how the heck was I supposed to know that ... LOL! Like I said, I wasn't very knowledgeable about cars back then. Suffice to say that car really taught me all I needed to know and more about cars. It has gone through so many changes from an engine change, to gearbox changes right down to the seats that these days I can immediately diagnose what's wrong with a car just by listening to it!

I have so many memories and adventures with that car together with wifey and my two best buddies that I'm really going to miss that car. Back then I was the designated driver cos I loved driving so much and anyway we went I would always be the first choice driver. I've driven the entire length and breadth of Malaysia with that car. It served well and always worked when I needed it to but it's also given me grieve to the point of pulling my hair out.

I think I've written numerous posts about my car breaking down on me and how much I've screamed and cursed it at times for making me pay good money to get it fixed. There were good and bad times with that car but mostly good so it's heart breaking to know I'll never see it again.

Oh well, I guess it's time to start making some new memories with a new car but you'll never be forgotten my good, trusty and oftentimes grieve giving car. You'll always have a special place in my heart. Gee, can a guy get so emotional and corny about a car? LOL!

Happy Friday people :D


  1. You can... LOL. I wept for my old car when I had to sell her

  2. Yes you can. After all the car had served you and the family pretty good, ya?

    And yes, I love today even though it means, school is opening very soon.
    Just bcos Im all up and about from being sick the past few days. :D

  3. Most of us do keep fond memories of the cars we owned for varied reasons ... for one, like yours.

    For me, it was that very first car we ever owned (hubby and I bought with our own hard-earned money) ... a red Mitsubishi Galant Sigma. It was our bridal car too but it also caused us loads $$$ to take care of it every now and then.

    Well, several cars have come and go but I'm happy with my faithful 'Kembara' despite people kissing its ass several times!

  4. Oh before I forget Nick, you might want to consider taking the family hiking. It's cheap and a energy busting activity for your kids. Try Apek Hill in Cheras, there's a nice waterfall there too.

  5. hmm bring yr kids to putrajaya this weekend :D

    hey look at the bright side, it's nasib tht u change a new car :)

  6. Car with sentimental value.

    *pat pat.

    Happy weekend Nick.

  7. I'm so sorry about the news Spiff. Gosh, in Tesco and broad daylight! Hope you get a new car soon :)

  8. Everyone needs 'downtime' otherwise you'll burn out too fast! I sincerely hope you ARE enjoying your weekend OFF from working!

  9. Terra - I can? Cool, now let me go and weep in some quiet corner for my car :D

  10. Carol - Yes, it did serve us pretty good and it's a shame to lose the car.

    Glad you're all better now :D

  11. Wenny - Well, this is actually not my first car but it's the longest serving car I've ever had.

    I guess it's time to make new memories with a new car :D

  12. Wenny - Apek hill? In Cheras? Gee, I never knew such a place existed. I'll give it a look-see :D

  13. Xin - Putrajaya sounds like a cool idea and it's a quiet traffic free place some more :D

  14. Maslight - My car had loads of memories and I don't even have a picture of it .. boohoohoo!

    Happy weekend to you too :D

  15. Soulie - Yes, in broad daylight lagi and at that time Tesco was packed full of people lagi ...

  16. Meleah - Yes, that's true. I'm really stressed out these days ...


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