Tuesday, March 23, 2010

Getting Connected

Just so you know P1, I had to go out this afternoon and get myself signed up with DIGI broadband just so I can get connection. That was good money wasted and now I’m contracted with DIGI for an entire year! I have to pay them RM88.00 every damn month and pay you RM99.00 for a connection that hardly works seeing as how I’m still contracted to you. Where is the justice in that?

I work from home and rely upon the internet for my livelihood. Just today, I was only able to get connected for an entire 10 seconds in total, I kid you not. The rest of the day was spent staring at the PC and praying to whatever gods there that could help me get connection again.

It’s been 4 days since I made my report and so far no one has even bothered to call me and tell me that they’ll be able to get my connection working again. Do you guys really not bother about your customers? Are we just lowly people whom are not important at all to you? Don’t I pay my bills on time every month?

I’m going to wait and see how long it is going to take you guys to rectify my issues. It’s not something I can do myself seeing as how my modem is an external one attached to the second floor of my house. So before I actually really lose my patience with you guys and actually go to your office and make a big issue out of this (trust me, I capable of doing that), I hope technician turns up or at least call me to get something done.

Until then, I shall just have to use DIGI just so I can continue earning an honest living with no thanks at all to you guys at P1 Wimax. The only BIG draw back with DIGI is that wifey and me can’t surf at the same time … siggghhh … I guess some connection is better than none at all, right?

PS. Gallivanter, oh how I envy you buddy!


  1. One way to solve it Nick, move to some ulu kampung area, just within the coverage, but enough ignorant folks. ;-)

    You should not let P1 off the hook easily mate. Keel dem!

  2. Gallivanter - You know, I just might do that la ... LOL!

    I'm not letting them off the hook so easily, that's for sure. The latest update is they're coming tomorrow but I won't be holding my breath though.

  3. Keeeeeeeeeeel dem all! Good thing i never did subscribe to P1.. urmm.. i was contemplating of getting them last week as a backup.. now i guess i won't :) Keeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeel dem!

  4. Line slow can still tolerate sikit la.. but zero/nil/bad support service just makes people boil. Better buck up la P1.. or you'll be Zero1 soon... hope they understand the POWER of the blogs... kakakkakakakaa.. there goes a serious dent to their business :D

  5. I suppose everyone looking for an alternative signed up for P1... they probably also took in more customers than they could afford to. Good luck with your battle. Rooting for ya to win :)

  6. I cannot LIVE without an internet connection. I feel your frustration!

  7. Hi there,

    Not to worry Mr. Phillips i've spoken to our engineers the time frame for them to execute this is around 25th - 27th March. However, for the technician request which is still on the pending list- As the radio frequency team has informed them not to visit until they had finalize "network connection". Trust me our engineer are in the midst of working on it.

    I understand ur frustration but i really do hope you can stay with us.

    Should you require further assistance please do not hesitate to let me know.

    best regards,

    P1 Buddy
    timothy chong

  8. Anny - That sounds like a good idea. I wudn't be recommending them to anyone that's for sure!

  9. Anny - True, if slow I can except but no comnection langsung. Yes, do not underestimate the power of blogging!

  10. Terra - They were pretty decent whem they fiest started. I guessed they over subscribed.

  11. Meleah - So do I. It's worse when you work from home and depend on tje intermet to earn a living.

  12. P1 buddy - Hey Timothy, thanks for all your assistance, I appreciate it but you can understand my frustration when I need to get online and cannot. I hope your engineers can solve this soon.

  13. Hey Nick, this problem sounds so familiar but with Streamyx though. I used to face such downtime when I was connected through Streamyx.

    I've been using P1 for almost a year now and lucky for me, although I'm right on the edge of their wi-fi range, my connection had been almost consistent all the time, except during heavy rain.

  14. Wenny - When I first had P1 with their internal modem, things were pretty good and fast, then it got bad. They came and gave me a free outdoor modem which was wonderfully fast, then it degraded again.

    My real complaint is with their customer service people save for one guy who is the only one who actually works there, the rest I have no comments.


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