Monday, March 22, 2010

A Weekend In Bed ...

... and no, it's not THAT kind of weekend!

It's been more of a horrid weekend for both wifey and me. She was down with a bout of food poisoning and I was down with a relapse of my right arm injury. And before anyone starts telling me what a stubborn headed mule I am and to go get that arm checked by a doctor, wifey beat you all to it cos she threatened me with bodily harm if I didn't drag my lazy butt to go see a doctor ... LOL!

I did get some pain medication and some cream to massage on my arm which the doctor took all of 2 minutes to diagnose as a nerve problem that he said was normal but had me wanting to question his qualifications. The term 'quack' did come to mind ... LOL! Anyway, the pain did subside for a bit but came back with a vengeance on Saturday afternoon to the point of me not being able to touch my ears with my right arm.

What made it worse was that I had some work that needed to be attended to which required quite a bit of driving. Trust me, I was in agony through the drive but I made it home alive to find out that wifey was down with a bad case of food poisoning. The two of us were totally out of it the whole day. It's a good thing the boys know how to cook some simple food for themselves cos we both weren't up to doing anything, let alone cook.

Sunday was basically another day spent in bed. We had to drag our sickly butts out of bed in the morning to go grocery shopping though cos we were out of food with the boys boys devouring everything while on their school break. We went to Tesco but this time to a different location cos I'm still haunted by my car loss incident at our usual Tesco outlet. We hurried through our shopping cos wifey was on the verge of fainting and my arm was still hurting.

The moment we reached home and kept everything away, we both headed straight up to the room and hit the sack. The boys had to fend for themselves again, which they actually like cos they get to mess around in the kitchen cooking their own lunch and dinner without either one of us nagging at them ... LOL!

Well, the good news is, both wifey and me are so much better today, she's up and about and complaining of hunger cos she didn't really eat all that much over the weekend. I'll be taking her out soon for something more solid to eat. My arm is sooooo much better now and I think I'll be going to a specialist if the pain doesn't completely go away in a few days. I suspect it's a torn muscle or ligament or something like that and not a nerve problem.

Things are looking up a little today and after the depressing week I've had I'm grateful for it. I have some clients of mine introducing me to some of their other clients who wants some work done, which is a good indication that I must be doing something right for them ... LOL!


  1. glad to hear tht u are getting better, and wow your boys can cook their own lunch?

  2. Xin - The pain is still there but not as bad and I hope it goes away completely soon though.

    Not anything fancy la, maggi mee and some hot dogs and nuggets like that la ... hehehe ...

  3. When I first saw your post title, I thought of John Lennon's "Hair Peace". LOL!

    But it's a good thing your boys can cook. Or else, there's always take-out :P

  4. Good to know that the both of you are better today.

  5. Hey Nick, which hospital did u go to to check ur arm? Anyway I hope u get it looked at and diagnosed properly soon, sure difficult having to avoid using ur arm for many problems suddenly and all coming at once... dont u just hate it when that happens? :(

  6. Glad to know both you and your wife are feeling better now.
    Can relax a bit now that the boys are back to school, yes? :)

  7. Sriyany - LOL!

    Yes, it's a good thing they can cook simple food :D

  8. Oh my! Im glad the two of you are already feeling better!

  9. Wah, your boys are independent!
    If it is a torn muscle, you need time to heal. If the pain persist, maybe you can see an accupuncturist? I had a pain in my arm for the longest time and it really went away after one session. I almost couldn't believe how effective it was.

  10. Meleah - So am I Meleah, so am I. It was a horrid weekend.

  11. BT - Simple instant noodles kinda food they can cook la :D

    Well, the pain is at least going away for now.


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