Saturday, March 10, 2007

Attention - The Genius At Work!

Guess what, today is the first day I actually used the washing machine at home and did my own laundry (normally my beloved would do it for me .. hehehe). It really seemed like a daunting task, I mean hey, how many men know how to use washing machines, right? But after some fidgeting with it, I actually got the damn thing to work .. genius, eh:) Well, Honey, you'd better get back home soon, cos genius or not, I'd rather leave this complicated task for you to handle, besides, you're pretty good at it ... hehehe... Well, with that out of the way, I'm kinda free all day today. Really have no idea what I'm gonna do. One things for sure, I ain't gonna be glued to the net cos I seriously could find better things to do than let my life depend upon the internet (no offense to those who do). Maybe I'll go wash and mess around with my car, now that's an idea:)

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