Monday, March 26, 2007

Can It Get Any Hotter?

Phew, it's blazing hot out there today! Just stepping outside the office for a few seconds is enough to dehydrate you. But for someone like me, who's into client servicing, staying in the office is not an option. Besides, I hate sitting still in the office and staring at four walls all day, so I'll just have to pray for some rain. What I'd really like to pray for is some snow :) I've never ever experienced snow (not unless you count putting your head in the freezer) in my entire life and I would really love to experience it at least once in my life time. The country I live in, Malaysia, is basically hot all year round, it does have its monsoon seasons and such but that's about it. Hot, hot, hot all year round. All those TV shows I watch about winter and stuff sure makes me wish we had snow here. Maybe one day I'll be lucky enough to be able to travel somewhere and feel what winter and snow is like :) But until then, I'll just bake here in this heat!

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