Friday, March 30, 2007

I Love Fridays :)

Hooray, the weekends here again. Can't wait to get off work and head home. It has been a pretty darn busy day for me, but then again, everyday is a pretty darn busy day for me ... hehehe ... The rain finally came yesterday and doused the blistering heat we've been having :) Even today's a pretty cool day. Hope it stays like that over the weekend. Speaking of weekends, I'm just gonna laze around at home with my precious other half and see what we can tinker with around the house. We've been redecorating the house the past two months, started out with repainting the living and hall area, drilling some shelfs on the walls and refurbishing some old ancient cabinets to give it new life and so far, its been going well. We're supposed to do the kitchen and bedroom but haven't really found the time for it yet. Still lots of preparations to do in the kitchen before we can actually paint the place. Hopefully, before the end of April, we'll get things done :) The best part about doing all this is that we enjoy doing it together :) Makes everything all that much more fun. Happy weekend people!


  1. Eh hemsem la dat dog, nice smile too... hehehe

  2. yup, you're rite, the dog is hensem :) much better looking than me ... hehehe ...


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