Sunday, April 1, 2007

Pissed And Confused.

I'm totally pissed with my favourite football team (Arsenal)! They got humiliated by Liverpool last nite and I'm really dreading answering my cell phone cos I know a certain good buddy of mine who is a staunch Liverpool supporter who is probably gloating at home right now. I'll just hide away from him for a few days until he forgets about it which is highly unlikely cos we do this to each other always.

Well, the F1 is coming to Sepang next week and this year I have a dilemma. You see, I support Kimi but I hate Ferrari, on the other hand I've been a McLaren fan all my life but I just detest Fernando Alonso! My other half told me to support Super Aguri, she's got to be out of her mind :) So, this year, I'll just abstain from supporting anyone. Why are all life's decisions so hard? ... hehehe ....

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