Thursday, April 5, 2007

Decisions, Decisons ...

Have you ever wondered why life is full of decision making? Some may be important or some like mine, may be totally irrelevant, but it's a decision all the same. You see, I'm torn between watching my favourite TV shows cos they all play at the same time or within half an hours difference of each other, making it so damn difficult for me to decide which one to watch. Yeah, some of them do have repeats on the satellite TV channel which I subscribe to but some of them are on the regular terrestrial channels which do not show repeats. I'm not a TV buff mind you, but I do love watching certain programs and with all these clashing of channels I'm at a loss on how to schedule my TV watching time. I could like record them, but I don't have that option cos I'd need to buy some equipment to make that happen and I'm too cheap to spend money for stuff like that or I could get another TV and watch them all at the same time but that would drive me insane (not that I'm very sane rite now) ... Like I said, life is full of decisions, significant or insignificant, they're decisions all the same!

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