Thursday, April 12, 2007

I Finally Did It!

Did what, you may ask. Well, I finally got my I.C (Identification Card) re-newed. The Malaysian government had for the past couple of years asked all Malaysians to change their old identity cards for a new hi-tech one (supposedly) and the deadline for change expired a year or so ago. Me, being my lazy self, not to mention that it's a typically normal Malaysian thing to procrastinate till the very end, never did renew it. The government has been reminding us lazy bums to go get it done soon or one day the old I.C's will no longer be usable. So today, I finally went and got it done and to my extreme surprise and pleasure, it took me a whole of 5 minutes to finish the transaction! That in terms of any government agency's speed in Malaysia, is pretty darn quick :) I must say a big thank you for the efficiency and professionalism they displayed in getting my transaction done. In fact, I can pick up my new I.C. next week even. Kudos to the National Registration Department!


  1. Err congrats. Dpt IC ya, make sure u check ur religion ah.

  2. Well, as long as they don't put my religion as some weirdo from mars, sudah la :)


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