Monday, April 16, 2007

Monday Blues.

Damn, it's only Monday and already I have headaches at work. Loads of stuff to be completed and so little hours in the day. Well, it's not like I'm not used to this, been in this industry for 16 or so years, so that should tell me something, ya? Anyway, with the loads of work I have, at least the day will go all that much faster.

Did some painting at home this weekend, remember I mentioned about re-painting my house and stuff? Well, managed to paint the kitchen and it looks pretty good for an amateur .. hehehe ... I also repainted my aging bed frame and now it looks brand new, saved me some money from having to buy a new frame :) The house is now 75% completed with its new paint and stuff, still 25% more stuff to buy and decorate before it really is complete. Ok, enuf of me and my house, need to get back to work ...

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