Monday, April 23, 2007

No Rest For The Wicked!

Haven't been posting anything the past week, been pretty busy with work, which is nothing new, just that this time I even had to bring work home over the weekend, working pretty late till way past midnight that I couldn't get up for church on Sunday :( Hoping to get some help at work soon. My boss has been seeing a few new applicants the whole of last week and one has been kinda shortlisted, still have one last applicant to go through today and then we make the decision on who to hire. Hooray, that'll make my work load a little easier to breathe :)

Nothing really exceptional happened the past week except that I got myself a new cell phone :) Old one was getting to be a bit on the buggy side, so I traded it in for a new Motorola L6. Yeah, I know its been in the market for quite a while but that's all my budget allowed. After all, I think at RM275.00 it's a steal :) Much better specifications than my old Motorola which I paid RM800.00 for it. So, I'm kinda happy with the phone.


  1. Grrrr... I jealous tau. Mine been using since 2002! So ancient oledi:(:(

  2. nothing to jealous la, it's only a Motorola L6, sudah 1 year or so in the market la, now if it was a Dopod ke, then la boleh jealous ... hehehe


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