Sunday, May 27, 2007

A Beautiful Sunday :)

Ahh, what a sunday :) Slept in till bout 9 plus (I know that's not really sleeping in, but with two kids, 9 plus is the best I can do), then took the kids and wife out for breakfast, came home, lazed around for a bit, then went out to a nearby shopping complex to window shop, but ended up buying some stuff and now I'm back home again. Decided to write a few lines before I go take a nap, nice weather for a nap, kinda cloudy but then again, for me any weather is nice weather for napping :)

This is one weekend in a long time that I actually enjoyed without the burden of having to bring work home to complete. The past couple of weeks was pretty hectic for me and I'm glad that phase is over for now. At least weekends will be more enjoyable for awhile:)

The kids are on their urrrmm 2 week school break and I'm sure they're gonna drive the wife up the wall thinking how to keep them busy and out of trouble. Those two, well one of them anyway, always comes up with some mischievous scheme a minute :) Sorry honey, you're on your own when when I get back to work tomorrow :) Together, the two of them are a handful to handle and I'm sure my beloveds gonna be stressed out till school starts again. LOL! Ok, time to go get that nap I was talking about. Till later, have a great Sunday.

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