Sunday, May 13, 2007

Blind as a Bat :)

My beloveds blind as a bat rite now and you know why? Well, this afternoon, after doing the laundry, she was hanging the clothes to out to dry and left her glasses on the roof of my car. It so happened that I had to rush out to see someone at that very moment and she totally forgot about the glasses on my roof. So, I drove off and I guess somewhere down the road it must have flown off and she didn't realise it was missing till later this evening when wanted to watch TV. And without her glasses, everything on TV is a blur to her, so we had to like pull the couch 3" infront of the TV to watch it. Man, I've never seen my TV that close up before ... hehehe ... Well, until she get a new pair, we're gonna be fronting that TV up close and personal. After discovering that it was lost, I actually went out and walked the route I drove to see if I could recover the glasses but no such luck. Well, she did want to get a new pair anyway but was putting it off, so I guess now she has no choice but to go and get a new one. Till then honey, hopefully you can still see me ... hehehe ...


  1. I lose packs of cigarettes that way. I did lose a pair of glasses though on the golf course. Still no idea how.

  2. I don't smoke but I'm sure cigarettes don't cost as much as a new pair of glasses, dude. LOL.

  3. Well no they don't, of course. Which is quite valid to my next point.

    I had two pairs of glasses. A budget pair and a banded pair costing 5x the budget pair. Guess which one I just had to lose on the course?

    Sigh. And golf carts, I'm sure, can't go anywhere near as fast as your car!


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