Sunday, May 13, 2007

Happy Mommies Day!

If you don't already know it (where have you been living?) it's Mothers Day today and I'd like to wish all mommies out there, especially my beloved and my own mom, a happy mommies day. I know it's really not easy being a mom what with having to raise a difficult pampered child like me ... hehehe ... but I guess a mothers love knows no bounds or else I would have been given up for adoption or something all those years ago ... LOL. And to you my beloved, I know it's hard like hell being a mom to those those bratty kids but you sure are a really great mom to them. I know they drive you up the wall 24-7 (and me as well ... hehehe) but you still love and take care of them no matter what, so they'd better remember all your sacrifices when they grow older! No matter how much you 'membebel' (nag) at them all day, you still get up every morning (while I'm snoozing away) to prepare them breakfast before school, then lunch and also dinner for them day in and day out. And on behalf of the kids, I'd like to wish you a great Mothers day. Today you just lay back and relax and let me handle the chores and the kids. After all you deserve it (no guarantees the house won't be a mess with me in charge ... hehehe)

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  1. A bit belated but Happy Mother's Day to all moms!

    My mom spent several nights at my place this week and I have to say... all my meals were taken care of and I didn't have to do anything! It's good to have her around and I'm happy my parents live nearby so we get to visit them every weekend!


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